Friday, October 18

Soap-Making Workshop Recap

Handmade cookies, chocolate muffins and madeleines


How have you been? I held a soap-making workshop yesterday with my friend and guest instructor Mayumi Nikaido of Un sapone fatto a mano (a handmade soap) and we had a blast! We limited the workshop to 4 participants due to the number of bowls and tools that was requested to make Marseille soap by hand, it was intimate and so much fun. Since Halloween was in just two weeks, we had decided to work on that theme, and not only learn how to make soap but also have fun wrapping them!

Mayumi is giving the first set of instruction to our participants 
Whisking the soap mix until it gets the right texture was probably the most tedious part 
of the workshop - they did it for at least 30mins!
The soap mix is then put into a mold and left for 24hrs in a box to keep it "warm". 
Mayumi had prepared a block in advance to show how it would look like after 
a couple of weeks put to dry (photo below):
Since we couldn't possibly wait a couple of weeks to complete our workshop, 
Mayumi prepared special Halloween soap bar to be cut into funny shapes:
The second part of our workshop included gift wrapping fun. I provided various 
material and little guidance to allow some room for the participants's creativity. 
I was blown by what they came up with: so cute!
After three hours of hard work, we enjoyed a good hearty home cooked lunch: homemade 
sausages, ratatouille & bulghur served with cranberry juice & various biscuits for dessert.
Lunched cooked by yours truly!

We are planning to hold another soap-making workshop in spring next year, if you are interested in joining it you can keep an eye on my Facebook page or sign up for my newsletter here.
Next workshop in the calendar: my basic embroidery workshop will take place on Tuesday, 22nd of October from 9am - get all the information and sign up here.

Happy weekend to you all!


Chuzai Living said...

It looks so fun, Marie!! Your home is so lovely!! I love the way you decorated with Halloween decors!!

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you for your comment Kaho, it was very much fun! I made an effort to decorate following the Halloween theme but didn't go over the top since Halloween isn't my favorite theme - Christmas is much better!!

Fenny Setiawan said...

I love your home Marie. and those workshop activities that you conducted are so creatives. I hope one day I can join and visit you.

I might going to Osaka/Nagoya next January but still unsure. I know it is far from Tokyo. Only if I can have chance to fly to Tokyo :)

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you again Fenny, I am blessed to have a big home, which is uncommon in Tokyo (the down side is that it gets super duper cold in winter!).

Anyway, you are welcome if you get a chance to come to Tokyo in January, that would be nice!
No plan for me to go to KL or Singapore anytime soon :-(

opian said...

C'est le genre de choses qui me plait bien, dommage que ce soit si loin !

Marie Maglaque said...

Opian: tu es en France? il se passe plein de trucs sur Paris et dans les autres grandes villes aussi je pense :-) Merci pour ton message!

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