Tuesday, October 29

Halloween in Tokyo #2

Just a few more days before Halloween! The town is getting ready for the event, here are a few more cute shop windows for you to enjoy - probably my last post about it. I am busy preparing my kids costumes: nothing extravagant this year but I found that pretty DIY cape to make for my girl (here) and my son may look a bit like these super-heros (here). Are you celebrating Halloween where you live?

from top to bottom: 1. Cona (selling homemade biscuits) on Komazawa Dori/ Nakamachi 
2. Flower shop in Denenchofu 3, 4, 5. Monceau Fleurs in Jiyugaoka 
6. Fake flower shop, Jiyugaoka 7. Wall drawing, Jiyugaoka

AND I can't resist to share photos of the cutest kids/ gadget shop in my area: Katakana in Jiyugaoka. Seriously super duper cute!

Have a lovely week friends, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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