Monday, October 7

Cafe Galerie une assiette {Sugamo - Tokyo}

Our excursion last Friday included a delicious lunch at the cafe Galerie une assiette in Sugamo (northern Tokyo on the Yamanote subway line). This very cute and intimate cafe is owned and run by Chiharu Kuru whom I had the pleasure to meet last May when I organized the Taste of India event. I had no chance to go all the way to Sugamo in the past few months, but I am glad we managed to go on Friday, it was lovely and... delicious!

Galerie une assiette is located in a quiet neighborhood at walking distance from the Sugamo subway station. Chiharu-san opened it about a year ago after moving back in her parents house. She transformed the previous garage into a quiet and peaceful retreat where she cooks delicious meals for her customers. I imagine it being a very fun place to go on Friday and Saturday nights as I saw a couple of guitars laying in a corner. Workshops, kids activities and cooking classes are also regularly held at Galerie une assiette, it sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Please bear with me, I must have been in hurry to eat my dessert as I forgot to take a picture... We had a very tasty pie made of sweet potato & walnuts, perfect for the Autumn season. It was served together with a coffee.

I loved the friendly and relaxed atmosphere at Galerie une assiette, it was a bit like going to eat lunch at a friend's house. We kept chatting while food was being served, one dish after the other. It was perfect!

< Merci Chiharu-san >

Galerie une assiette by Chiharu Kuru
1-41-3 Sugamo, Toshima-Ku
Tokyo 170-0002
tel: +81 (0)70-6476-8598

Open on weekdays for lunch until 3pm
Friday & Saturday for lunch and dinner
budget: about ¥1,300 for the lunch set


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