Friday, October 4

Aiken Drum {Exhibition - Tokyo}

Hello friends,

How was your week? The weather in Tokyo has definitely cooled down since yesterday, and the 7th typhoon of the year is on its way (!)... Luckily my friends and I had planned a little excursion in central Tokyo today, to visit CO- and check out the exhibition about Aiken Drum. CO- is a lovely shop located in the Akihabara district and entirely dedicated to the world of vintage buttons from Europe (mainly France and the UK). I met its founder and owner, Naoko Kozaka at The Handmade Marché two weeks ago. I have a post coming up next week entirely about this shop, so stay tuned!

Aiken Drum founder & designer Susumu Fujimoto

Aiken Drum on the other hand is a Japanese accessory label founded in 2000 by the Fujimoto family. Husband and wife work hand-in-hand to create the most delightful wooden handbags I have ever seen. A former graphic designer and illustrator, Fujimoto-san is creating the joyful Scandinavian inspired drawings to be drawn on each panel of wood before processing them and giving them their final shape. His wife is then sewing by hand the front & back of each bag together, and fixing the leather handles.

The duo first started by creating wall art, unique pieces with beautiful illustration on them. It soon appeared that it would be really fun to be able to carry these pieces of art around instead of just hanging them on the walls, so they created their first bags. They haven't stopped ever since, and I have been told that when you buy one bag, you are drawn to keep on buying more and start a mini-collection... True collectibles! 

The wall art above is inspired by the way Swedish people celebrate Christmas Day. I was told that people dress up in traditional clothes on Christmas Day and dance to celebrate it. Can you spot the little flag on top of the house? Now let's discover the bags, I hope you enjoy each of them as much as I did! 

Colorful umbrella made of wood and fabric - the wooden handle comes from Italy.

Aiken Drum artist & designer Yoshiko Fujimoto with Yuka Ishitake of Colors of India

I am glad that Naoko-san, founder of CO-, collaborated with Aiken Drum for this exhibition and that I was able to meet them both at the last Handmade Marché at La Keyaki. I will share more about CO-'s concept and story next week, truly inspirational as well!

Have a great weekend everyone!

*Aiken Drum's exhibition at CO-
  until October 5, 2013

*Aiken Drum's atelier :: 1-2-5 1B Sankaien Higashi, Shibuya-Ku
  Tokyo, 150-0011
  tel & fax: +81 3 5766 1028


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