Monday, September 9

#5 Playtime Paris - Shusha Wooden Toys from Russia

1. LesPortraits

I discovered and fell in love with Russian toy label Shusha at Playtime Paris while exploring the booth of Rouletabille - Les Jouets Libres. I later found out that Les Jouets Libres is currently representing Shusha in France, and I understand why. We are talking about colorful & fun wooden toys with a great sense of humor and terrific graphic designs. 


2 & 3. Les Portraits / 4. Mange Mange Pas / 5. Les Visages / 6. La Lune

Which toy is your favorite? I personally think that Les Portraits is a must-have in our home but I wouldn't say no to the entire collection. make sure to check out their website as well, as I noticed new items that are as cute!

SHUSHA :: Website :: Facebook


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