Friday, August 9

Things to do in Paris {Le Pont des Arts}

As you may remember, I spent one weekend in July in Paris with my daughter alone. The goal of our weekend was for her to spend some time with her Godmother who happens to be living in Paris at the moment, and for Chloé to discover the city of lights - she's heard so much about it! Here is something nice and fun to do while in Paris: leave a padlock to the Pont des Arts, a lovely bridge overlooking the  Seine river, in the heart of the city.

We did a lot of things over the weekend, maybe even too much with a 6 year-old little girl in the hot summer, but we hope she will keep a good memory of what she has seen there. Her Godmother had arranged for her to drop by the Pont des Arts to attach a padlock to the railing of the (in)side of the bridge. This tradition is quite recent and is usually done by lovers, who then throw the keys in the Seine river to represent the couple's committed love. Chloé didn't want to throw the keys in the river, which is totally fine with me!

If you haven't bought your padlock ahead of time, do not worry as there are many sellers on the spot. It was the very first time for me to check it out, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's kind of cute, and now we will have a reason for going back and check out of Chloe's lock is still there. Where is the key now?

I have to add that my daughter is never behind when it comes to looking pretty and stylish. She insisted to put nail polish before we left for Paris and chose her dress that day (found in Manila, Philippines last winter)... She sometimes drives me crazy, especially here in the country side where kids her age usually don't really care about their look first thing in the morning!

I will highlight a few more spots in Paris until the end of August, while also starting a series about our trip to Amsterdam and Copenhagen, and sharing a few finds at Playtime. Busy days ahead of me if you consider that we are flying back to Tokyo on Tuesday!


mélia said...

une vraie petite princesse!

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