Sunday, August 18

A Garden Party for Grand-Ma {Real Party}

Hello friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! A week ago I was in France, in the garden decorating for my Grand-Ma's surprise birthday party... Today I am in Tokyo, blogging about it and happy to share the photos of such memorable event - Grand-Ma turned 95 this year!

I had only a week to think of something, so I kept it easy and used some decoration I had bought while in Amsterdam - they have the cutest paper garlands for sale at the supermarkets!! Flowers were gathered from my aunt's garden, food was homemade and I had prepared extra balloons and bubbles for the kids.

I used wine bottles for the flowers and decorated each one with paper doilies, lace and thread - too bad I forgot to take pictures of them... I had spotted an easy photo booth project on Pinterest {check the entire board here} and we happened to have an old frame in the attic so it was easy to out it together.

I selected very old photos from the pile of pictures that are waiting to be put in albums and fixed them with colorful clothes pegs on a twine, and I also got the old family albums out for the occasion. Wonderful idea! Everyone enjoyed looking at them starting with my Grand-Ma!

Now you may wonder what kind of food was served? My mother is a cordon-bleu so she's always preparing delicious dishes. We had a variety of toasts, cherry tomatoes, French black olives and Swiss cheese with the aperitif (champagne, s'il vous plait). As a main there were delicious pieces of magret de canard (duck confit) rolled in a slice of zucchini and dried mushrooms powder and veal/ ginger/ mushrooms brochettes (on sticks) which were cooked in the BBQ. It was served with jasmine rice and sautéed zucchini. Then of course le plateau de fromages (cheese plate) and as a dessert several ice cream cakes (which had been ordered). So delicious!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures and that they will inspire you to create a simple yet fun party for a friend or a family member this summer. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

Photo credit: all photos (but #2) by Alexandra Brandelet


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