Friday, August 16

#1 Playtime Paris - Les Jouets Libres


I am finally back in Tokyo - since last Wednesday, and attempting to catch up with the pile of work on my table. No easy job in this terrible heat, jet lagged and with my two little ones around!

My report from Playtime Paris being long overdue, I have decided to start today with my first coup de coeur, a French toy label named Les Jouets Libres. It's no secret that I love wooden toys, and when they can be customized and easily carried away wherever you go, I say BINGO!

May I add that they are Made in France? alors voyons voir...

Les Jouets Libres - Rouletabille; Football club

#1 Kids are involved in creating the characters of the game by applying stickers to give personality to each players

#2 Kids set up their own rules while playing, and those will evolve when your child grows up

#3 Kids can easily bring their toy over to their friend's or while traveling; toys are packed in pouches made of organic cotton.

#4 The design team is paying great attention to come up with graphics for nowadays kids' tastes and bring a touch of humor and originality.

Les Jouets Libres - Rouletabille; Bowling Club

French label Les Jouets Libres has an extended line of wooden toys, so please check out their interactive website {here - make sure to watch the film}, find out about retailers or shop online {here} and keep in touch on their Facebook page {here}.

ETHICS :: Fairly Made in France :: Healthy & Sustainable :: Educational :: Responsible

Reports on Playtime Paris will continue until the end of August and I will attend Playtime Tokyo at the end of the month so look for more awesome brands!


Kay088 said...

That's so cute and a nice alternative to the usual plastic junk toys common in toy stores today.

Marie Maglaque said...

@Kay088: Thank you for your comment! I totally agree with you, our kids get so much of these plastic junk toys, it makes me sick of it. Wooden toys last longer and are much nicer to look at!

Ta.Ta. Unconventional Design For Kids said...

oh, back in lovely! (I spent my holidays in Japan - I am Italian).
We also spoke about these lovely toys on our blog! :)
nice to meet you!
Katia & Natalia (Italy)

Marie Maglaque said...

@Katia & Natalia: Hi! thanks for your message! Lovely toys and friendly designers I thought. I am off to check out your blog, nice to meet you too :-)

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