Wednesday, July 3

Scènes de vie {France}

Are you ready for a new photo travel in the country side of France {part 1 here}, in the village where I grew up? I have only taken pictures around the house so far, there will be many more coming in the coming weeks! Here we go...

Des fleurs - France 2013

Porte de grange - France 2013

Le jardin des voisins - France 2013

La fontaine - France 2013

La cabane - France 2013

Geraniums - France 2013

This year I noticed that my village has changed a lot. Many old houses are unoccupied, and others are not looked after well, there aren't any flowers outside or at the windows, it looks dirty and kind of old. It's true that the weather has been quite horrible and people were not able to maintain their gardens. It's also true that the population has evolved and new families prefer to build brand new houses rather than take over an old one - some are more than 100 years old.

It's kind of painful to witness - they have recently closed down the little school where I used to go (my years of KG and primary school) for obscure reasons and now there isn't anything left. A long time ago there were three restaurants or cafes, the customs house (since we live at the border with Switzerland) and the school. And many more farms. But no shops or bakery here. 

When I think that I am currently living in Tokyo... Life is full of surprises, really.


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