Thursday, July 4

Feminine Workspace

Today I want to share some pictures of my current workspace in my bedroom here in France. I take a great care of the atmosphere in this room, even though I am only there for a couple of weeks each year. I don't own any of the wooden furniture pieces and they are all antiques, made in France (of course)... so gorgeous! I have added the lamp pictured below last week, it used to be in my Grand-Ma's apartment and it fits in the theme of my room (warm colors with gold accents).

The small table above used to be a bed side table. It's my current working desk as I have a limited space in the room, and I can't keep my laptop up there (no wifi) so I just need enough space to read magazines and work on my embroidery projects. I have fixed the designs for my new blog template and the inspiration board and I keep on thinking about it...

I have always taken a lot of flower photographs and I used to print them and make albums - very nice to browse them now as I need some inspiration for my work... Every year I am also looking forward to read the Marie Claire Idees (French craft magazine) of my mum. I love this magazine!

I am preparing for the Hand Made Marche in Tokyo in September, which will be on the button theme. I remembered that I had kept a stock of beautiful buttons from an internship at a fashion house in France, more than 10 years ago. I knew it was going to be useful one day...

Who doesn't love thrifting in the country side of France? You find such treasures, it's hard to stop. I may have a French antique event in Tokyo in September... details to come up on the blog soon!

Other memories from my fashion studies in France, and a fantastic job in Italy at Emilio Pucci... neckties, scarves, prototypes and more... all displayed on my mannequin, maybe waiting for me to bring them home? All of my fashion and jewelry books are also staying here as I am worried that they will get damaged in Asia in the particularly humid weather.

Are you keeping anything back "home" or at your parents' home? 


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