Thursday, July 18

A prop stylist's paradise... Thrifting in France!

Being in France includes going treasure hunting in antique shops, as I am obsessed with objects from the past. I especially love/ enjoy visiting the shop pictured below as its owner used to be my teacher when I was 12. She's a wonderful woman and I have fond memories of hours spent in her classroom studying French literature.

I am digressing, let's have a look at the treasures that are now piling up in the shop, I have spent more than 2 hours last week there, and I could spend as much today if I had the time!

 You can find everything there, from paintings, to table ware, arts, books, post cards, jewelry or religious items. Of course wooden furnitures, textiles, and much much more...

What do you think of the pieces above? most of them are silver plated.

The skull? I know... I am not sure I can assume one in my home though. 

The tea set above comes from England and is hand-painted. 
I am in love with the colors and the unique shape of the cups!

I have a crush for these three bottles. 
There are very heavy however which is why I haven't bought them (yet).

The frame intrigued me. Although it's in B&W, all the decorative details (jewelry etc...) are in metal.

 Not my style, but I wouldn't refuse the two candle holders!

 Tea set made of Limoges porcelain

I would have bought this set in a heartbeat, so beautiful!

 I am never usually buying things that I don't need, but maybe I should buy every " crystal chandelier" I see for our future house?

A piece of art! I have no idea how they made the face of this doll - it's in fabric and hand-painted. 
Truly amazing.

I have made a few purchases as I am planning to have a sale back in Tokyo. I will share some pictures later on but in the meantime, what would you choose among all these treasures? Do you like thrifting at all? Looking forward to hearing about your stories and finds!


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