Friday, July 12

A French Tea Party {Behind the Scene}


I am happy to share a couple of pictures of the preparation going on for my July styling contribution to Beautiful Revelry's blog. I am working on the theme of a garden tea party with a French twist.
It's exhilarating to be playing with the many beautiful props owned by my mum, who has a house big enough to keep all sorts of glass bottles, glass containers and other treasures. We used the glass bottles featured below at my wedding 5 years ago...

The carrot cake is a favorite of mine and I have fond childhood memories, I loved eating the carrots made of marzipan! We also made some biscuits (photo above), it's hard to resist picking one now...

There is one more project I would like to complete for this shoot using the push-up pop containers. I am not sure yet if I fill them up with candies or confetti - piñata style, or make ice-pops. They would also make cute party favors... Available on Beautiful Revelry here.

What would you suggest? 


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