Wednesday, May 1

Origami Carp Streamer {DIY}

Hello friends,
I have prepared a little DIY in the mood of my latest styling for Beautiful Revelry and in honor of Children's Day which is celebrated in May 5 in Japan.
I believe it's an easy origami project that you can do with your kids at home!

Materials: Japanese origami papers - I have used 15 x 15cm printed paper for this DIY. Smaller pieces of paper will produce smaller carps, which may be cute too. If you don't have pretty pre-cut origami paper at home, regular colorful paper cut in square will work too.
  1. Colour side of your paper opened up
  2. Fold in half on both diagonals and open it up again.
  3. Fold one corner into the center point, then unfold again.
  4. Fold the same corner to the center point of the creased line you just made.
  5. Refold on the first creased line you created.
  6. Flip your paper over.
  7. Bring the bottom corner up down to the bottom corner down. The printed side of your paper re-appears. Model is now fold in half.
  8. Fold the top point down to the bottom edge. 
  9. Form the tail by folding the right point as seen in the picture.
  10. Last, make a small crease by folding the top left point - at this stage I put some glue to keep the flabs secure.
Et voilà, c'est dejà (presque) fini!

You can add eyes (or choose not to), then attach each carp with a thin gold thread to your main thread the create a lovely streamer. I have put mine by the entrance, next to the masking tape sign reading"Welcome" and I will move it later on in my children's room as it's definitely too cute to be kept in a drawer!

Have you ever tried origami before? I am a beginner but I thoroughly enjoyed creating koinobori and I am planning to learn more figures, including the famous origami cranes!


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