Friday, May 17

Mini Me Dolls

I have been making dolls for as long as 6 years now, I started shortly after my daughter Chloé was born. Of course their design has evolved, don't they look cute all together?

The ones below were created for one customer. They are slightly smaller than the usual dolls, and are made of a mixed of polka dot & flower prints. The face is made of Thai silk and the features are hand-embroidered with cotton threads. Actually everything is hand-sewn, I only use the sewing machine to assemble the front & back together. Which one is your favorite?

Two dolls were missing at the time of the shoot, as I ran out of polyester filling... I made 10 Mini Me dolls in total, all different!

If you'd like to order one - they make a great new born gift, it's here. I can customize them to suit the occasion. Thank you!


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