Thursday, May 9

Happening in the studio in May!

Hello friends!

It's very nice to be back here, after a short break due to the Golden Week here in Japan. We had an absolutely gorgeous weather and enjoyed it, but my daughter got sick last Friday which spoiled a big part of our plans (including the first BBQ of the year). We've only postponed it though!!

Iris flowers are blooming all over Tokyo!

I am excited to share with you all what's scheduled for the month of May in the studio. Summer school holidays are approaching (beginning of June) and I will soon be off to Europe... I am wrapping it all off with an event and two workshops, and I am so looking forward to each of them. Gotta rock the month!

'A Taste of India' private sale - Tuesday, May 14

If you are in Tokyo, look forward to a private sale event in May 14, from 10am till 2pm. Called A Taste of India, it will be held at my home and there will be very beautiful items tastefully curated by my friend Yuka Ishitake in India. Yuka is very passionate about India and has traveled there several times. She will of course be present on the day of the sale, and will most probably have many stories to share!

©Photos by Yuka Ishitake - used with permission

You can find all the details related to this event on the Facebook page especially created for the occasion {here} and feel free to get in touch may your require additional information.

Embroidery Workshop - Wednesday, May 15 & Saturday, May 25

I will hold another two embroidery workshops, and teach participants how to lay beads and sequins to create a very unique, sparkly, beautiful brooch/ hair clip. There are still spaces available for both workshops, so please get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested in joining the fun! 
Workshops are held at my home in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and most participants are usually beginners, so anyone should give it a try I think!

The workshop on Wednesday, May 15 will start at 9:30am and last until 1:30pm: a home-cooked lunch is included in the fee, as participants and instructor alike get very hungry by the end of the workshop! This is what I served at the last session:

Couscous served with rice and/ or quinoa, and soup - yum!

You can find all details related to this workshop on our FB event page {here}.

Please note that the workshop held on Saturday, May 25 will take place from 1:30pm until 5:30pm. I have created it for people whom were interested in joining me but couldn't on a weekday because of work.  Instead of serving lunch, we will have a nice tea break with sandwiches, sweets, tea or coffee!

You can find all details related to this workshop on our FB event page {here}.

Last we will have our monthly guest styling post up on Beautiful Revelry's blog towards the end of May. The theme of this month's styling is a girly baby shower in pastels colors, how lovely ~

Happy Month of May Dear Friends!


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