Friday, May 10

BOX & NEEDLE {Workshop Report - Japan}


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or even Facebook, you may well know that I attended a workshop last Tuesday. Yep, it was my turn to learn a new skill!

It was taught in Japanese but I went with my dear friend and the instructors could speak a very good English. The workshop took place in a small shop called BOX & NEEDLE located in Futako-Tamagawa (western suburb of Tokyo). It specializes in selling paper from different countries and various paper goods handmade by skillful artisans in Kyoto where it's originally from. 
A piece of paradise for paper lovers...

They are running workshops every week, and if I understood well, they are taught by different instructors (who may or may not speak English). We were 10 participants and it lasted for 3 hours and our mission was to make a sewing box...

We could choose our paper among many gorgeous prints, it was a little bit overwhelming at first! Unfortunately I didn't understand what they explained about the specific method that we used to create our box, only that it's different to "cartonnage"techniques - which I am not familiar with. The glue we used to fix the paper on the carton pieces also seems to be unique and made of secret (and strange?) ingredients.

Above are a couple of boxes made by other participants, including my friend's (left hand-side), who has exquisite taste by the way. I sticked to my favorite colors, turquoise and fuchsia. I was told that the print of my paper was designed in France, and that the paper was made of recycled cotton (from clothes) in India. Such an interesting story for my new sewing box!

While writing this post and researching for information, I stumbled upon a pretty online shop and blog, which happens to sell the BOX & NEEDLE book; it's called Upon a Fold -> check it out {here}.

If you live in Tokyo, or plan to be in town soon, make sure you plan to visit BOX & NEEDLE in Futako Tamagawa. It's very much off the touristy beaten track, but you will be glad you did.

BOX & NEEDLE :: 3-12-11 Futako Tamagawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 158 0094

You can check their upcoming workshops {here}, but make sure you book early as it seems that spots fill up very quickly!

Happy weekend to all!


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