Thursday, May 16

A Taste of India - Event Report

Hello friends!

My first sale event this week was a great success, what I had envisioned actually happened and it was fantastic. Of course it was a lot of work, from planning to promoting, to decorating and preparing every single details, but it was very well worth it.

As mentioned in my previous blog post about the event, I wanted to provide a venue for my friend Yuka to expose and sell the beautiful items she's importing from India. I then thought that it would be very lovely to create an atmosphere so that visitors don't just drop by to check what's for sale, but actually spend quality time with like-minded people and eventually make new friends. I commissioned my Mr. to prepare Indian food as he's pretty good at it, Yuka made chai, and we had Indian music in the background.

Last visitors enjoying the sale; we served sambar, tomato rice and Indian snacks;
the hand-embroidered scarves were the most successful items...

Everyone enjoyed each other's company; some people knew each other or had friends in common; everyone made new friends and could promote their own business/ activity. I personally really enjoyed that friendly atmosphere!

I would like to take the chance to thank my dear husband for his constant support and allowing me to open our home to others and customize the decoration to suit the theme; Yuka Ishitake for trusting me in organizing this private event and following my vision. A special thank you goes to Yuko Anderson of Trensa for her constant support and friendship. You rock!

We may have more of such events in the future as I really enjoy organizing them and connecting people, but it won't happen before September. Stay tuned!


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