Tuesday, May 28

Mother's Day + Sweet Gifts

We celebrated Mother's Day last Sunday, following the French calendar rather than the local one - it was in May 12 in Japan. Kids have showered me with handmade cards, drawings, notes and loads of cuddles throughout the day and they came back with a beautiful red roses bouquet last Saturday after my workshop was over!

A lovely package arrived on Mother's Day too - thanks to the wonderful Japan Post! - from Emma Cassi all the way from London. It was full or sweet and delicate goodies for Chloé and I. Emma if you read this, you are a star!

Read my post about the day I met Emma for the very first time in Tokyo {here}.

Monday, May 27

Latest Table Styling!

My latest table styling for Beautiful Revelry is up, and I invite you to discover the photos {click here}. I have partnered with my amazing friend Nico, the creative head behind online shop and blog Pannolini. Nico came up with a new diaper cake design just for my styling, hip hip hurray to her!! 

Enjoy, and leave me a comment or two :-)

Wednesday, May 22

Happening now in the studio...

Hello friends,

I am currently working on my next styling project for Beautiful Revelry. The theme this month is "A Baby Shower" and I chose to work on a girly one. I opted for a gorgeous color scheme inspired by the Love Mae paper plates & cups picked up on Beautiful Revelry online shop {here and here}.
Of courseI gathered some inspiration on Pinterest, but I didn't want to look at other's work too much to avoid getting alienated by their creativity. Here below is my "real" inspiration board:

This month I am also teaming up with Pannolini, which specializes in creating absolutely stunning diaper cakeshttp://www.pannolini.jp here in Japan. The owner, who is also my friend, has come up with a brand new design for the occasion, I can't wait to show it to you next week!!

Diaper cakes by Pannolini

Lastly I am sharing a couple of pictures taken on my busy desk this morning. I am still working on a few things before the styling and shooting tomorrow. I tend to change some details while styling and I sill haven't decided the look of the background... It will be a surprise!

Dress made by me as well, in light pink Thai silk and raspberry lace.

I aim to be back on the blog as soon as possible, but having two embroidery workshops at the end of this week, I can't guarantee to be able to post on a daily basis...

Take Care and Be Happy!

Monday, May 20

More Mini Me dolls...

I played with my props and the Mini-Me dolls I made lately before handing them over to my customer... Here is what I came up with... Which is your favorite?

©Styling and photography by Marie Maglaque for ECStudio

My favorite is the first one, so sweet! The necklace featured above was made by my daughter using dyed pasta and paper flowers. I love it!

Have a great day~

Friday, May 17

Mini Me Dolls

I have been making dolls for as long as 6 years now, I started shortly after my daughter Chloé was born. Of course their design has evolved, don't they look cute all together?

The ones below were created for one customer. They are slightly smaller than the usual dolls, and are made of a mixed of polka dot & flower prints. The face is made of Thai silk and the features are hand-embroidered with cotton threads. Actually everything is hand-sewn, I only use the sewing machine to assemble the front & back together. Which one is your favorite?

Two dolls were missing at the time of the shoot, as I ran out of polyester filling... I made 10 Mini Me dolls in total, all different!

If you'd like to order one - they make a great new born gift, it's here. I can customize them to suit the occasion. Thank you!

Thursday, May 16

A Taste of India - Event Report

Hello friends!

My first sale event this week was a great success, what I had envisioned actually happened and it was fantastic. Of course it was a lot of work, from planning to promoting, to decorating and preparing every single details, but it was very well worth it.

As mentioned in my previous blog post about the event, I wanted to provide a venue for my friend Yuka to expose and sell the beautiful items she's importing from India. I then thought that it would be very lovely to create an atmosphere so that visitors don't just drop by to check what's for sale, but actually spend quality time with like-minded people and eventually make new friends. I commissioned my Mr. to prepare Indian food as he's pretty good at it, Yuka made chai, and we had Indian music in the background.

Last visitors enjoying the sale; we served sambar, tomato rice and Indian snacks;
the hand-embroidered scarves were the most successful items...

Everyone enjoyed each other's company; some people knew each other or had friends in common; everyone made new friends and could promote their own business/ activity. I personally really enjoyed that friendly atmosphere!

I would like to take the chance to thank my dear husband for his constant support and allowing me to open our home to others and customize the decoration to suit the theme; Yuka Ishitake for trusting me in organizing this private event and following my vision. A special thank you goes to Yuko Anderson of Trensa for her constant support and friendship. You rock!

We may have more of such events in the future as I really enjoy organizing them and connecting people, but it won't happen before September. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 15

Tasse de Thé

Hello Friends!

How are you doing today? I should be teaching my embroidery workshop today, but instead I am taking care of the blog while the little one takes a much needed rest. He got sick overnight, and I had to postpone the workshop to next week...

Here below are a couple of sweet pictures featuring a vintage tea cup from France I purchased last summer at my favorite antique shop. I believe the little brooch is from Peru... 

Wishing you all a lovely day!

Saturday, May 11

A Taste of India {Private event - Tokyo}

Here is the little story behind the sale event that will happen on Tuesday, May 14 at my house. I thought it would be nice to introduce my dear friend Yuka Ishitake, who will be selling products she's sourcing directly in India.

Yuka and I met eight ago, while I was working in Japan. She's the person who actually took over my job when the company transferred me to their branch in Singapore. Although we worked together only for a couple of hours 15 days before I left, we somehow connected immediately and never lost sight of each other over the years. It's very naturally that I felt to support her new business adventure now that I am back in Japan and have the time and space for it!

Yuka has been working in the luxury industry in Japan for 15 years (in marketing, communication and sales) before deciding to take some time off corporate world an start something on her own. an avid traveler, she's visited over 40 countries so far, and has been to India several times. She first visited India back in 2008 and fell in love with the vibrant country and its colorful handicraft scene.
By importing tastefully curated items in Japan, Yuka is hoping to support Indian craftsmen to preserve their knowledge and skills. She's careful to only buy from crafters who are able to work in a good environment and receive fair wages for their work. 

© All photos by Yuka Ishitake - All rights reserved
Used with permission.

Our event is taking place on Tuesday, May 14 from 10am until 2pm. My home is located in Denenchofu in Tokyo. Please email me at marie@etincellecreativestudio.com if you are interested in joining this event.

In addition to selling* Yuka's products, we will be serving Indian curry, dhal and refreshments to our visitors. Feel free to drop by with your friends, meet up with new people in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

* we will only accept cash, thank you!

Friday, May 10

BOX & NEEDLE {Workshop Report - Japan}


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or even Facebook, you may well know that I attended a workshop last Tuesday. Yep, it was my turn to learn a new skill!

It was taught in Japanese but I went with my dear friend and the instructors could speak a very good English. The workshop took place in a small shop called BOX & NEEDLE located in Futako-Tamagawa (western suburb of Tokyo). It specializes in selling paper from different countries and various paper goods handmade by skillful artisans in Kyoto where it's originally from. 
A piece of paradise for paper lovers...

They are running workshops every week, and if I understood well, they are taught by different instructors (who may or may not speak English). We were 10 participants and it lasted for 3 hours and our mission was to make a sewing box...

We could choose our paper among many gorgeous prints, it was a little bit overwhelming at first! Unfortunately I didn't understand what they explained about the specific method that we used to create our box, only that it's different to "cartonnage"techniques - which I am not familiar with. The glue we used to fix the paper on the carton pieces also seems to be unique and made of secret (and strange?) ingredients.

Above are a couple of boxes made by other participants, including my friend's (left hand-side), who has exquisite taste by the way. I sticked to my favorite colors, turquoise and fuchsia. I was told that the print of my paper was designed in France, and that the paper was made of recycled cotton (from clothes) in India. Such an interesting story for my new sewing box!

While writing this post and researching for information, I stumbled upon a pretty online shop and blog, which happens to sell the BOX & NEEDLE book; it's called Upon a Fold -> check it out {here}.

If you live in Tokyo, or plan to be in town soon, make sure you plan to visit BOX & NEEDLE in Futako Tamagawa. It's very much off the touristy beaten track, but you will be glad you did.

BOX & NEEDLE :: 3-12-11 Futako Tamagawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 158 0094

You can check their upcoming workshops {here}, but make sure you book early as it seems that spots fill up very quickly!

Happy weekend to all!

Thursday, May 9

Happening in the studio in May!

Hello friends!

It's very nice to be back here, after a short break due to the Golden Week here in Japan. We had an absolutely gorgeous weather and enjoyed it, but my daughter got sick last Friday which spoiled a big part of our plans (including the first BBQ of the year). We've only postponed it though!!

Iris flowers are blooming all over Tokyo!

I am excited to share with you all what's scheduled for the month of May in the studio. Summer school holidays are approaching (beginning of June) and I will soon be off to Europe... I am wrapping it all off with an event and two workshops, and I am so looking forward to each of them. Gotta rock the month!

'A Taste of India' private sale - Tuesday, May 14

If you are in Tokyo, look forward to a private sale event in May 14, from 10am till 2pm. Called A Taste of India, it will be held at my home and there will be very beautiful items tastefully curated by my friend Yuka Ishitake in India. Yuka is very passionate about India and has traveled there several times. She will of course be present on the day of the sale, and will most probably have many stories to share!

©Photos by Yuka Ishitake - used with permission

You can find all the details related to this event on the Facebook page especially created for the occasion {here} and feel free to get in touch may your require additional information.

Embroidery Workshop - Wednesday, May 15 & Saturday, May 25

I will hold another two embroidery workshops, and teach participants how to lay beads and sequins to create a very unique, sparkly, beautiful brooch/ hair clip. There are still spaces available for both workshops, so please get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested in joining the fun! 
Workshops are held at my home in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and most participants are usually beginners, so anyone should give it a try I think!

The workshop on Wednesday, May 15 will start at 9:30am and last until 1:30pm: a home-cooked lunch is included in the fee, as participants and instructor alike get very hungry by the end of the workshop! This is what I served at the last session:

Couscous served with rice and/ or quinoa, and soup - yum!

You can find all details related to this workshop on our FB event page {here}.

Please note that the workshop held on Saturday, May 25 will take place from 1:30pm until 5:30pm. I have created it for people whom were interested in joining me but couldn't on a weekday because of work.  Instead of serving lunch, we will have a nice tea break with sandwiches, sweets, tea or coffee!

You can find all details related to this workshop on our FB event page {here}.

Last we will have our monthly guest styling post up on Beautiful Revelry's blog towards the end of May. The theme of this month's styling is a girly baby shower in pastels colors, how lovely ~

Happy Month of May Dear Friends!

Wednesday, May 1

Origami Carp Streamer {DIY}

Hello friends,
I have prepared a little DIY in the mood of my latest styling for Beautiful Revelry and in honor of Children's Day which is celebrated in May 5 in Japan.
I believe it's an easy origami project that you can do with your kids at home!

Materials: Japanese origami papers - I have used 15 x 15cm printed paper for this DIY. Smaller pieces of paper will produce smaller carps, which may be cute too. If you don't have pretty pre-cut origami paper at home, regular colorful paper cut in square will work too.
  1. Colour side of your paper opened up
  2. Fold in half on both diagonals and open it up again.
  3. Fold one corner into the center point, then unfold again.
  4. Fold the same corner to the center point of the creased line you just made.
  5. Refold on the first creased line you created.
  6. Flip your paper over.
  7. Bring the bottom corner up down to the bottom corner down. The printed side of your paper re-appears. Model is now fold in half.
  8. Fold the top point down to the bottom edge. 
  9. Form the tail by folding the right point as seen in the picture.
  10. Last, make a small crease by folding the top left point - at this stage I put some glue to keep the flabs secure.
Et voilà, c'est dejà (presque) fini!

You can add eyes (or choose not to), then attach each carp with a thin gold thread to your main thread the create a lovely streamer. I have put mine by the entrance, next to the masking tape sign reading"Welcome" and I will move it later on in my children's room as it's definitely too cute to be kept in a drawer!

Have you ever tried origami before? I am a beginner but I thoroughly enjoyed creating koinobori and I am planning to learn more figures, including the famous origami cranes!

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