Friday, April 19

Weekend project - Easy DIY with Masking Tapes

Hi there,

I have got an easy DIY project for you to work on this weekend. As some of you may know, I gave an embroidery workshop yesterday in my home {photos coming soon}.

One challenge of holding workshops at home is that your house must look awesome and super clean, and I like to come up with different decoration ideas every time to keep my participants entertained and inspire them too.

The decorative items below would make awesome gift tags as well, so while you are at it, make additional ones that you an keep in your stationery box.

What you will need:

1. slightly heavy paper - mine was 180g/m2   2. a pair of scissors   3. pretty thread   4. masking tapes
5. hole puncher   6.  paper punchers of different sizes or shapes 

Apply the masking tapes on your pieces of paper (I am usually using the paper scraps saved from previous crafts). Match the colors, or go crazy!

Once you have applied the masking tapes, make your tags using your punchers. I own two that I purchased years ago in Singapore, of the brand Marvy Uchida. The scalloped one makes 3.4cm tags while the plain round puncher makes 4.4cm tags.

Make holes in your tags using your hole puncher - a basic tool to keep at home to my opinion.

Prepare as many threads as needed - you can vary their lengths or copy cat. Mine were 12 to 14cm long. Fix them nicely to your paper tags.

Now that you are done, your tags are ready to be displayed in your home. I used them to decorate branches that I have gathered at the park - they got spray painted in white when I used them for a Christmas table styling last December. I am a keeper!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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