Wednesday, April 3

The School Bag for Kindergarten... {Japan}

Hey hello!

Spring holidays are finally over, and I am back to y desk (from actually last Monday) to tackle some new new projects and share with you all what has happened in the Studio these past few days. I kept busy and completed a custom order of a new set of school bags for another little girl joining Kindergarten in April.

I learnt a bit more about this original "tradition" in Japanese Kindergarten that kids will get a handmade set of bags when they first join. It is requested by the school and you receive an instruction sheet with all information regarding the number of items included in the set and their dimensions.
Mums and kids will choose their favorite fabric at the fabric shop - there is a whole alley in the shop dedicated to this with specific materials, sewing books and examples of bags.

I have heard that some (desperate?) mums will order their bags from specialized companies - but if you don't know how to sew, what a headache!

Left: the instruction sheets given by the Kindergarten; right, at the shop choosing the fabric...

I picked up a lovely hot air balloon material for this set, very girly and sweet. I matched it with a bright pink polka dot lining, added fancy pompom trim and linen highlights on some items.

The whole set includes: the main bag, a string pouch for a change of cloths, a smaller bag for the indoor shoes,  the o-bento envelop pouch, chopstick pouch and yet one more pouch for the cup.

Now, can you imagine making all of them for your little one when he/ she starts school? For sure they would feel very special! It made me think that I could at least make the bento pouch and a lunch mat for each of my kids with a fabric they could pick themselves at the shop...

Have a sweet day!


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