Friday, April 26

A Japanese Theme for Beautiful Revelry {Styling}

Hello friends,

The end of the month of April approaching means it's also time for our monthly contribution to Beautiful Revelry! I worked on a Japanese theme of blue, white and red hues and with the Children's day (Kodomo no Hi) in mind - which we will celebrate on May 5.

For this styling I was inspired by the Japanese fabrics with patterns made of little strokes or dots. I  created a rubber stamp whose design was taken from a doily that stays on my mood board. The rubber stamp allowed me to make my own wrapping paper, gift tags and more! I also adorned each paper item with red dots using a marker.

©Creation, Styling and Photographs by Marie Maglaque for Beautiful Revelry

Check the entire styling session on Beautiful Revelry after the jump {here}.

Thursday, April 25

Blue & White Japanese Ware {Styling}

It's about time to start showing the blue & white Japanese dishes that I have started collecting since we moved here... It came quite naturally a day I was thrifting nearby my kids school and I found many many plates I loved - all of them were blue & white. I am not paying attention to the value of this pieces, only their style and the details. All of them are mostly displayed in my home...

© Styling and photography by Marie Maglaque for ECStudio

Wednesday, April 24

Pretty Pastels {Styling}

© Styling and photography by Marie Maglaque for Beautiful Revelry

~ View the full story {here} ~

Tuesday, April 23

Beautiful Revelry {Re-launch & 1st Anniversary}

Hello friends,

A little shout out to the lovely Ann of Beautiful Revelry who has just successfully re-launched her tasteful site entirely dedicated to "the cream of the crop of party paraphernalia". I take the occasion to announce you as well that I have been nominated a style editor of Beautiful Revelry Blog, make sure you check my monthly column Style it Yourself! 

gorgeous calligraphy of the new logo by Happy Hands Project

the loveliest "About page" I've seen in a while!

 Hold on! If you've read that far, there is one more reason to celebrate... Beautiful Revelry is turning 1 tomorrow and there is a 35% off storewide on April 24, 2013!
Check out right now which goodies you will grab tomorrow...

Congratulation Ann for the 1st Anniversary of your business and for keeping us on our toes almost daily with so many pretty party goodies. Cheers to our collaboration and future successes!!

~ Best Wishes ~

Saturday, April 20

Meeting with Emma Cassi in Tokyo!

Hello friends,

I can hardly contain my excitement which explains this weekend post! I had the immense pleasure of meeting one of my favorite accessory designer last night at Galerie Doux Dimanche in Tokyo.

Emma Cassi has been a long time favorite of mine, and I am totally falling for her whimsical and romantic hand-embroidered accessories - delicate earrings, stunning necklaces, exotic headbands, colorful bracelets... Emma works with antique lace and vintage beads & sequins to create one-of-a-kind pieces with stunning color combination.

I learnt about her upcoming exhibition via her blog, and I was inspired to leave a comment stating that I would be absolutely delighted to meet her. The opening reception took place last night, I met Emma and her husband, and it was wonderful! If you happen to be in Tokyo in April, please drop by Galerie Doux Dimanche in Aoyama and soak in the beauty of this collection!

Emma and Bertrand

Emma, if you read this post, THANK YOU so much for your time, it was quite amazing to meet up with you for the first time in Tokyo!

Emma Cassi :: Shop :: Blog :: Facebook :: Pinterest

Friday, April 19

Weekend project - Easy DIY with Masking Tapes

Hi there,

I have got an easy DIY project for you to work on this weekend. As some of you may know, I gave an embroidery workshop yesterday in my home {photos coming soon}.

One challenge of holding workshops at home is that your house must look awesome and super clean, and I like to come up with different decoration ideas every time to keep my participants entertained and inspire them too.

The decorative items below would make awesome gift tags as well, so while you are at it, make additional ones that you an keep in your stationery box.

What you will need:

1. slightly heavy paper - mine was 180g/m2   2. a pair of scissors   3. pretty thread   4. masking tapes
5. hole puncher   6.  paper punchers of different sizes or shapes 

Apply the masking tapes on your pieces of paper (I am usually using the paper scraps saved from previous crafts). Match the colors, or go crazy!

Once you have applied the masking tapes, make your tags using your punchers. I own two that I purchased years ago in Singapore, of the brand Marvy Uchida. The scalloped one makes 3.4cm tags while the plain round puncher makes 4.4cm tags.

Make holes in your tags using your hole puncher - a basic tool to keep at home to my opinion.

Prepare as many threads as needed - you can vary their lengths or copy cat. Mine were 12 to 14cm long. Fix them nicely to your paper tags.

Now that you are done, your tags are ready to be displayed in your home. I used them to decorate branches that I have gathered at the park - they got spray painted in white when I used them for a Christmas table styling last December. I am a keeper!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 17

Pretty Papers + WoodenTags {Packaging}


How are you doing today? I am busy preparing for the embroidery workshop that will take place tomorrow and gathering ideas for my next styling gig for Beautiful Revelry.

To keep you waiting, here are a couple of ideas to wrap your presents. I like playing with pretty paper {designed by Emme Disegnatrice}, masking tapes, and the lovely wooden tags {available here - they are on sale!}. You could easily replace the paper flowers with real flowers too, just an idea...

Happy Day!

Friday, April 12

Create you own rules

Here is Friday again, and while you are reading this short post, I may be at the school Spring picnic in a beautiful park in suburban Tokyo... Doesn't it sound good?

~ gift tags from my last Easter styling; print by Beautiful Revelry ~

I don't always succeed, but I am trying really hard to create my own set of rules and live by them... Does it reflect in my work? I hope so...

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 11

Coming up soon :: Packaging ideas

:: Wooden labels from Beautiful Revelry ::

Wednesday, April 10

Snail Mail & Handmade Envelops

Hello everyone,

I have been working on a few different projects lately, my embroidery workshops of course {I still have space in April 25 if you live in Tokyo and are interested in joining}, a custom order of mini Mini Me dolls, my upcoming table styling for Beautiful Revelry {I am so excited by the theme we've selected!} and more...

I still managed to squeeze some time and create handmade envelops out a cute polka dot paper I had picked at the 100yen shop two weeks ago. Pretty paper doesn't need to be expensive, and possibilities are endless! Did you notice that snail mail {or the art of handwriting letters} seems to be in fashion these days? I have got a few pen pals recently, and I am so glad to have jumped in the band-wagon!

Inspired? You don't need much material to enhance your envelops, or to create your very own stationery set. Go, try it!

Thursday, April 4

Flower Paper Garlands

I am happy to start removing my "winter" decoration items and start crafting new ones for Spring/ Summer. I am very fond of paper garlands, especially if they include pretty flowers. I have had these pre-cut paper flowers for ages and I finally created brand new garlands last weekend. 

They will adorn my walls and my windows... What else could I do with them?

I got the pre-cut paper flowers from B2S shop in Bangkok, Thailand many years ago - I am longing to get some more!

I am also planning to try these DIY by Claire of Fellow Fellow as soon as I find the right material - I will switch from bunny to flowers though :-)

Lovely day to you!

Wednesday, April 3

The School Bag for Kindergarten... {Japan}

Hey hello!

Spring holidays are finally over, and I am back to y desk (from actually last Monday) to tackle some new new projects and share with you all what has happened in the Studio these past few days. I kept busy and completed a custom order of a new set of school bags for another little girl joining Kindergarten in April.

I learnt a bit more about this original "tradition" in Japanese Kindergarten that kids will get a handmade set of bags when they first join. It is requested by the school and you receive an instruction sheet with all information regarding the number of items included in the set and their dimensions.
Mums and kids will choose their favorite fabric at the fabric shop - there is a whole alley in the shop dedicated to this with specific materials, sewing books and examples of bags.

I have heard that some (desperate?) mums will order their bags from specialized companies - but if you don't know how to sew, what a headache!

Left: the instruction sheets given by the Kindergarten; right, at the shop choosing the fabric...

I picked up a lovely hot air balloon material for this set, very girly and sweet. I matched it with a bright pink polka dot lining, added fancy pompom trim and linen highlights on some items.

The whole set includes: the main bag, a string pouch for a change of cloths, a smaller bag for the indoor shoes,  the o-bento envelop pouch, chopstick pouch and yet one more pouch for the cup.

Now, can you imagine making all of them for your little one when he/ she starts school? For sure they would feel very special! It made me think that I could at least make the bento pouch and a lunch mat for each of my kids with a fabric they could pick themselves at the shop...

Have a sweet day!

Monday, April 1

Embroidery Workshop {Tokyo}

Hello friends!

A quick hello and a reminder that I am launching a new workshop this week. A stunning project to my opinion, that you wouldn't want to miss if you live in Tokyo!

You can check my Facebook page {here} for all the details and how to sign up, or email me your questions at and I will get back you soon.

Details as follow:

Dates: Thursday, APR 4, 11 & 18
Time: from 9:30 am to 1:30pm
Location: my home in Tamagawa Den-en-chofu, Tokyo
Fee: 4,800yen (including lunch and materials)

I am looking forward to teaching you how to embroider this flower brooch!


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