Wednesday, March 13

School Bag Project {Japan}

Hello friends,

How have you been? I have seen pictures of the heavy snow fall in Paris yesterday, beautiful but not very encouraging as everyone must be longing for Spring to come!
Here in Tokyo we are blessed with warmer temperatures and blossoming trees, but also strong winds from China and Mongolia that bring plenty of sand and polluted air in Kyushu island (the main island constituting Japan, where Tokyo is located). Not outdoor activities today!

Last December I was asked to create a set of bags for a little girl who will join Kindergarten in April. In Japan the school year starts next month (only the local schools though, not the international ones), and every mum is getting ready for the big day. Many of them will sew the set themselves, which includes the main bag, the cup bag and o-bento (lunch) bag.

I was asked to create one as the sweet mum told me she loves my style and how I mix prints, patterns, and colors. *blush*

The hardest task was certainly to pick up one fabric for the whole set as the shop I am going to as plenty of choices! I knew it was going to be a flower print, and since it's for a little girl, it had to include some pink too. Above is a photo I took at the beginning when I set up my mind on mixing flowers with polka dots and pompom trims.

The cup bag, above photos...

Sewing my tag and the o-bento bag, above left and right photos...

Pompom trims adorning the front and back of the bag; the name tag (it reads "namae" which means name) was the prettiest option I had!

The complete set: bag, cup pouch, o-bento pouch and table mat. The table mat is a little surprise :-)

This was a custom order and I am not planning to create more of these bags... unless I get another custom order of course! Do you like what I came up with?

Have a lovely day!


Katrina Alana said...

Lovely bag set Marie. Pardon my ignorance, what's the cup bag for?

Chuzai Living said...

Beautifully done!!! What a lucky girl! You might receive a lot of orders after April if many moms see her bag!!!

Marie Maglaque said...

@katrina: the cup bag will hold the cup/ mug in which she will drink. Some school even request a bag for the shoes and the chopsticks!!

Marie Maglaque said...

@Chuzai Living: Thanks for your sweet comment Kaho! I have already received another order for an even bigger set! I'd love to make more sets, it's quite fun!

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