Monday, March 11

Mother - Daughter {Octobre Rose}


How was your weekend? I have been busy in the studio working on a set of school bag for a little Japanese girl who will start school this coming April. Did you know that in Japan the school year starts in April? I will share pictures of it very soon.
I am also preparing my next styling session, and the theme will be Easter this time. I hope to come up with exciting DIY projects for you to try at home!

Spring has arrived in Japan too, which makes my daily routine a tiny bit easier. It involves a lot more time spent at the local playground with the kids, and admiring the beautiful peach blossoms everywhere. I love it!

Last Friday I went to all my draft posts and found out one that I was never able to finish. It involves a stylish French mum and her gorgeous daughter. It will inspire you as much as it has inspired me 5 years ago. It was supposed to be an {Interview with} kinda post but it never happened... I still want you to see these photos and be inspired today to create something for your daughter or son :-)

Once upon a time... Octobre Rose...

Sweet Elle in January 2008 - Skirt and hat made by Satine
Credit: Octobre Rose

Elle, 5 years old, in October 2008 - Manteau pas sage col doudou 
Credit: Octobre Rose

Romantique Elle in her Hello Kitty kimono or with a pretty floral crown - Summer 2008
Credit: Octobre Rose here & here

 Satine's {fairy-like}atelier & Elle with her new softie by Tout pour un Ange - 2009
Credit: Octobre Rose here and here

Angel, fairy, Princess... Elle, 6 years old!
Credit: Octobre Rose here and here

How not to be inspired as a mother? This is beyond words...
Elle with her new collar in 2010
Credit: Octobre Rose

Our Elle in 2011... it's all about having fun!
Credit: Octobre Rose here and here

There are loads more pictures on Satine's blog and you will easily spend hours exploring her archives... Unfortunately the blog doesn't seem to be updated anymore, and there are no reasons given. But the little Elle has certainly grown up a lot since then, and we are all curious to see how stylish she must be!

I have to say, this blog is one that has inspired me in the early days to start my own blog about my daughter. I started sewing dresses for her back in 2007, and I enjoyed it a lot. But recently I have been too busy to make anything at all for her wardrobe, so sad. Do you create clothes or toys for your  own children?

Wat do you like most about these photos above?


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