Monday, March 25

Living in the most exciting city {Tokyo}

I am pretty sure to be living in the most exciting city of the entire world. You can't imagine how many things are going in here, from art to food to fashion to festival to music... and more!

As you may know, the sakura or cherry blossoms season has started at the end of last week, and this brings much joy and reasons to celebrate in the entire city. People are spending hours wandering under the beautiful trees, taking picnics in parks, drinking, eating, talking and laughing with their family and friends. Spring has always been my favorite season, but living in South East Asia for more than 6 years had deprived me from the extraordinary feeling of witnessing the beauty of nature waking up after the cold winter.

So we've been enjoying sakura everyday since Friday, from Nakameguro to Yoyogi park or even Denenchofu. It's crazy beautiful here!

Meguro River - walk from Meguro station to Nakameguro along the canal...

Nakameguro is very busy with many people coming to admire the gorgeous trees in full bloom, eating and drinking. Loads of street food around here during the cherry blossom...

Saturday afternoon at Yoyogi park, celebrating o-hanami (=cherry blossom watching) with friends. The best spots will have been reserved at least a day in advance by leaving a picnic mat in the desired spot.

Wandering in the street nearby Yoyogi-koen station... what a lovely plant holder, made of bamboo and fixed to the traffic light!

I hope to take many more pictures in the coming days, despite the rain today... I am just hoping that the sakura will still be beautiful on Tuesday.

Till the next time... Have a great week peeps!


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