Monday, March 25

Easter Botanical for Beautiful Revelry {Party Styling}

My latest styling table is live on Beautiful Revelry! I worked a lot with paper and I am pleased with the result *happy face* 

I am planning to recreate this table for Easter this weekend, and I have already displayed the paper doily banner in the entrance of my home...

check all the photos {here}

I have planned some Easter related crafts to do with my children this week, including egg decorating (and not necessarily dyeing them!) and preparing for their baskets.

When I was young we used to pick up moss in the nearby forest and build our nests in front of the house. The rabbit would then come overnight and leave absolutely delicious Swiss chocolate eggs and "giant" chocolate rabbits.
Unfortunately here in Tokyo Easter doesn't seem a very popular celebration and there is no egg or any kind of Easter chocolate in local supermarkets. And what I have found at upscale shops has disappointed me so far... still wondering what the Easter bunny will bring on Sunday morning...

Do you carry on any tradition in your home?

:: Beautiful Revelry ::

Living in the most exciting city {Tokyo}

I am pretty sure to be living in the most exciting city of the entire world. You can't imagine how many things are going in here, from art to food to fashion to festival to music... and more!

As you may know, the sakura or cherry blossoms season has started at the end of last week, and this brings much joy and reasons to celebrate in the entire city. People are spending hours wandering under the beautiful trees, taking picnics in parks, drinking, eating, talking and laughing with their family and friends. Spring has always been my favorite season, but living in South East Asia for more than 6 years had deprived me from the extraordinary feeling of witnessing the beauty of nature waking up after the cold winter.

So we've been enjoying sakura everyday since Friday, from Nakameguro to Yoyogi park or even Denenchofu. It's crazy beautiful here!

Meguro River - walk from Meguro station to Nakameguro along the canal...

Nakameguro is very busy with many people coming to admire the gorgeous trees in full bloom, eating and drinking. Loads of street food around here during the cherry blossom...

Saturday afternoon at Yoyogi park, celebrating o-hanami (=cherry blossom watching) with friends. The best spots will have been reserved at least a day in advance by leaving a picnic mat in the desired spot.

Wandering in the street nearby Yoyogi-koen station... what a lovely plant holder, made of bamboo and fixed to the traffic light!

I hope to take many more pictures in the coming days, despite the rain today... I am just hoping that the sakura will still be beautiful on Tuesday.

Till the next time... Have a great week peeps!

Sunday, March 24

A weekend in Kawaguchiko {Japan}


Today I would like to share with you all a few pictures taken last month when we traveled over the weekend to Kawaguchiko, a small town right at the feet of Mt Fuji. People usually travel to Hakone, and so did I eight years ago. My husband however climbed Mt Fuji last summer and he went first to Kawaguchiko before reaching station 5 by car. He wanted to bring us to visit this place and enjoy the onsen (=hot spring). Kawaguchiko is only a couple of hours away from Tokyo which makes it an easy get-away spot for the weekend.

This is the very first apparition of Mt Fuji from the highway. It took me by surprise, it was quite magical to suddenly see the majestic and much loved mountain with its snow cap. Even the kids were excited to see Mt Fuji so close to us!

Kawaguchiko is also famous for its lake, and is actually located in the so-called Five lakes of Mt Fuji area. We didn't have time to visit to all five lakes as we were there for a very short time but according to the guides, Kawaguchiko lake is the easiest to access by public transport - we rented a car though which is far more convenient when you have kids!

You must try the hoto noodles while staying in this area, a very popular dish. We stopped at the restaurant above on the other side of the lake - I have no idea what's its name though. It was a kid-friendly restaurant and it was very delicious (so much I forgot to take a photo of my lunch set!).

Kawaguchiko is not lacking hotels and other accommodation options, and since we couldn't book any room in advance, we decided to try our luck and just see on the spot. A room usually includes Japanese dinner + breakfast and I am very sure most places will have their own onsen too. We ended up at the Fuji Royal Hotel in a spacious Japanese style bedroom. It was not incredible but it was (again) kid-friendly, neat and clean with a good onsen and food included (budget about ¥12,000 per adult and half this price for kids). 

Japanese style bedroom means there is tatami on the floor and futon to sleep on instead of regular beds. Your futon will be prepared while you are taking your dinner, so don't be surprised if the room is bare when you get in!

The dolls were on display (photo below) in the hotel lobby for the celebration of the upcoming Hinamatsuri (March 3) - also called Girl's Day. Japanese families with little girls will start displaying their dolls in February and take them off immediately after the festival. The dolls represent the emperor, empress, attendants and musicians. I believe that most families will have the emperor & empress to start with, and slowly build up their collection (dolls are usually pricey and the whole display takes a lot of space). I'd love to have my own set for next year!

~ Things to do in Kawaguchiko ~

Well, you don't necessarily go to Kawaguchiko just for climbing Mt Fuji. The area has plenty of things to offer from hiking to trekking, fishing and there is even a huge attraction park with a roller coaster that will make your heart goes up & down. It seems to be famous for its cherry blossom or autumn display of colors - I will have to check it out myself before giving you my opinion. 

We just went to see the Oshino Hakkai, or eight ponds filled up by the melted snow of nearby Mt Fuji. The water is filtered though layers and layers of lava and is really super clear. Very enjoyable, especially with kids!

I didn't have a chance to ask what the "corn wall" was for, but I assume they were drying up under the sun. What do you think?

All my photographs were taken with Instagram, you can follow me for daily pictures of our adventures in Japan (look for etincellestudio).

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 22

Upcoming Workshops!

Hello friends,

How is your day going? march has been passing by fast, and my children are starting their Spring holidays today. I have been super busy working on all my current projects and trying to complete them all so that I can fully devote my self to the kids next week. I am almost done except with the planning of all the activities I want to do with them!

At the very top of my list is enjoying the cherry blossom or SAKURA in Japanese. This is a very special time for Japanese people and it involves some kind of ritual of going to the most beautiful places in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan to just contemplate the beauty of the cherry blossom. You celebrate by having many picnics under the blossoming trees in the parks or along the canals. You take tons of pictures, you laugh and you feel light and happy. I cherish this time of the year in Japan so much!

So we will do just that for as long as possible starting TODAY!


Besides celebrating the arrival of Spring, I have worked on a new workshop for the month of April. Of course I wanted to teach my two favorite themes: flowers and embroidery. I have come up with the brooch pictured above and below and I will share all the details with you may you want to join me next month!

What will you learn? Well, it may look easy (or not) to achieve, but laying beads and sequins perfectly and harmoniously is a skill that requests its fair bit of practice. So I will teach you just that: how to lay beads and sequins, choose a color scheme and work out a shape to create the most sparkling of all accessories. Flowers being my favorite subject, we will of course create a flower brooch that can also be used as a hair clip. It will enhance any of your looks this coming summer!

I have included lunch as the workshop will easily last three to three & a half hours. It's going to be so much fun! Details to save:

Dates: 04 / 11 /18 APR 2013 
Time: 9:30am to 13:30pm
Location: my home in Tokyo (Tamagawa Den-en-chofu)
Fee: ¥4,800 including all materials + lunch

Now you may wonder, how to sign up?

If you are interested, please take the following steps:

1. Email me your name and phone number at 

2. I will email you back with registration confirmation & payments instruction: by cash, bank transfer or Paypal.

- Your booking will only be completed after payment has been confirmed. 
- We will not refund last minute cancellation. Sign-ups are transferrable as long as announced at least three days before the workshop starts (name, email & hp number of new participant must be communicated to us).

Please make all your workshop enquiries to Marie Maglaque at

I am so looking forward to teaching this workshops and see what everyone will come up with, I hope you will be able to join me if you are living in Tokyo!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 13

School Bag Project {Japan}

Hello friends,

How have you been? I have seen pictures of the heavy snow fall in Paris yesterday, beautiful but not very encouraging as everyone must be longing for Spring to come!
Here in Tokyo we are blessed with warmer temperatures and blossoming trees, but also strong winds from China and Mongolia that bring plenty of sand and polluted air in Kyushu island (the main island constituting Japan, where Tokyo is located). Not outdoor activities today!

Last December I was asked to create a set of bags for a little girl who will join Kindergarten in April. In Japan the school year starts next month (only the local schools though, not the international ones), and every mum is getting ready for the big day. Many of them will sew the set themselves, which includes the main bag, the cup bag and o-bento (lunch) bag.

I was asked to create one as the sweet mum told me she loves my style and how I mix prints, patterns, and colors. *blush*

The hardest task was certainly to pick up one fabric for the whole set as the shop I am going to as plenty of choices! I knew it was going to be a flower print, and since it's for a little girl, it had to include some pink too. Above is a photo I took at the beginning when I set up my mind on mixing flowers with polka dots and pompom trims.

The cup bag, above photos...

Sewing my tag and the o-bento bag, above left and right photos...

Pompom trims adorning the front and back of the bag; the name tag (it reads "namae" which means name) was the prettiest option I had!

The complete set: bag, cup pouch, o-bento pouch and table mat. The table mat is a little surprise :-)

This was a custom order and I am not planning to create more of these bags... unless I get another custom order of course! Do you like what I came up with?

Have a lovely day!

Monday, March 11

Mother - Daughter {Octobre Rose}


How was your weekend? I have been busy in the studio working on a set of school bag for a little Japanese girl who will start school this coming April. Did you know that in Japan the school year starts in April? I will share pictures of it very soon.
I am also preparing my next styling session, and the theme will be Easter this time. I hope to come up with exciting DIY projects for you to try at home!

Spring has arrived in Japan too, which makes my daily routine a tiny bit easier. It involves a lot more time spent at the local playground with the kids, and admiring the beautiful peach blossoms everywhere. I love it!

Last Friday I went to all my draft posts and found out one that I was never able to finish. It involves a stylish French mum and her gorgeous daughter. It will inspire you as much as it has inspired me 5 years ago. It was supposed to be an {Interview with} kinda post but it never happened... I still want you to see these photos and be inspired today to create something for your daughter or son :-)

Once upon a time... Octobre Rose...

Sweet Elle in January 2008 - Skirt and hat made by Satine
Credit: Octobre Rose

Elle, 5 years old, in October 2008 - Manteau pas sage col doudou 
Credit: Octobre Rose

Romantique Elle in her Hello Kitty kimono or with a pretty floral crown - Summer 2008
Credit: Octobre Rose here & here

 Satine's {fairy-like}atelier & Elle with her new softie by Tout pour un Ange - 2009
Credit: Octobre Rose here and here

Angel, fairy, Princess... Elle, 6 years old!
Credit: Octobre Rose here and here

How not to be inspired as a mother? This is beyond words...
Elle with her new collar in 2010
Credit: Octobre Rose

Our Elle in 2011... it's all about having fun!
Credit: Octobre Rose here and here

There are loads more pictures on Satine's blog and you will easily spend hours exploring her archives... Unfortunately the blog doesn't seem to be updated anymore, and there are no reasons given. But the little Elle has certainly grown up a lot since then, and we are all curious to see how stylish she must be!

I have to say, this blog is one that has inspired me in the early days to start my own blog about my daughter. I started sewing dresses for her back in 2007, and I enjoyed it a lot. But recently I have been too busy to make anything at all for her wardrobe, so sad. Do you create clothes or toys for your  own children?

Wat do you like most about these photos above?

Wednesday, March 6

A Circus Party for Beautiful Revelry {Party Styling}

I am so excited to finally have the opportunity to show you what I have been working on the past few weeks! Ann of Beautiful Revelry commissioned me a Vintage Circus Party theme - or did I mention to her that I really wanted to create one... I thought it would make a perfect joint party theme for a boy and girl (my kids were both born in February which explains a few things...).

Admission tickets with goodies...

I came up with a lot of DIY ideas that you can take inspiration from... until Beautiful Revelry and I will release our party zine packed with photos, DIY and printables. Stay tuned, and go check out all the photographs on the blog {HERE}.

Saturday, March 2

Sewing Workshop :: New date MAR 14, 2013


It's been a while since I posted anything over here! My days have got incredibly busy with kids having their Spring break, days off school and deadlines along the way too. I have neglected my beloved blog and beloved readers, but the good news is: I am back with a lovely news!

I will host an extra workshop in March 14, 2013, teaching the embroidered passport holders using the blanket stitch. This will be your last chance to create this project as I will have brand new workshops in April!

Although I have designed this workshop mainly for beginners who have never worked with felt before, more skillful participants will enjoy creating a more intricate embroidery if they want some challenge.
We will use beads to decorate the flowers, and learn how to assemble two pieces of felt with the blanket stitch.

Dates: Thursday, 14 MAR 2013
Time: 9:30 to 11:30am
Location: my home in Tokyo (Tamagawa Den-enchofu)
Cost: only ¥2,300*

*All materials included. Refreshments will be available throughout the workshop.
(for all information and how to sign up, click here)

Feel free to email me (Marie) at: marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com for any request you may have!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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