Wednesday, February 20

The story behind the photo...


I am thinking about a new column (yes, another one) that would be very fun to write... I like writing stories, and I think you like reading stories, am I right?

Well, I am thinking to post a picture I took and tell you the story behind it. How does it sound?

© Etincelle Creative STUDIO - The Philippines trip

I took this picture in The Philippines, where we spent our recent Christmas break. As you may know, my husband is originally form there, and the kids spent a couple of days in the country side where my mother-in-law comes from. It isn't very far from Manila, but oh man, it's completely different! Very green, fresh air, small towns and villages... and kids and animals all over the place.

My kids loved it, and mingled effortlessly with their relatives, and their "cousins" even though they couldn't communicate very well - they couldn't speak English, and my kids can't speak Tagalog.

We arrived one day early morning from Manila to pick them up. They were not home, and we were greeted by all the family members and we played with the kids while waiting for our own to be back (I took many pics of these kids, I'll have to show you soon).

Refreshments were served, coconuts freshly picked from the trees and ripped open in front of us. It was delicious! I was seating on a bench opposite the table, and I suddenly saw this "still life" image that was awaiting to be photographed. In no time I had cleared out the table and waited until no one was around it and snapped my shot.

I mostly like the contrast of the green table against the rough cement wall. Add a sprinkle of neon (the straws) and this is fun!

What do you like about this shot (and the story)?


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