Monday, February 18

A Beach Holiday, The Philippines {Part 3}

Hello friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, we certainly did! There was a Bingo at school on Saturday, and ice skating on Sunday. And a sleepover was involved as well with a friend of my daughter coming over on Friday night. 

I started writing this post last Friday evening when it was raining and super cold outside - brrr! Thinking about our winter holidays in The Philippines helped me get through this weather... This is my last post about our trip {catch up Part 1 and 2 here & here} and I will cover our short escape to the island of Boracay.

Sand art created every night by the local children - they charge you to take pictures, or can even customize it to your request. Amazing!

We spent less than a week in Boracay but it was the right amount of time to discover all what the island has to offer. Traveling with young children involves a lot of time spent either at the beach or at the hotel's pool, and we like some peace and quiet so we booked a hotel in the more secluded area (north). The Strand Hotel was perfect for us as it's nestled in the tropical forest at only 2 mins walk from the beach. Excellent service, spacious room and delicious breakfast (no buffet though). 

The Strand, peaceful and quiet and just the right amount of luxury needed...

The Strand Hotel isn't located nearby all the restaurants and the main shopping street, which is a busy and noisy area even late at night - so keep this in mind. I must also add that it is very near to a {small } local cemetery, which we didn't know at the time of booking. It could be an issue for some people I think {not for us though}.

Ah, the vibrant colors!

The famous White Sand Beach of Boracay is a 4-km long piece of paradise with powder-like white sand and crystal clear waters - that is, when they are not polluted by seaweed (yuk!). I have been to quite a few beautiful beaches in South East Asia over the past 8 years, but the sand here was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. No rocks or jelly fish or anything in the water - apart from the seaweed in some areas - what a delight!

The weather was mostly cloudy while we were there, 
which explains that the color of the water doesn't appear very turquoise on my photos.

We weren't lucky enough (or organized enough) to catch every sunset, but the one pictured below was spectacular. There is nothing quite as romantic as watching a sunset with a loved one...

Another option that I would consider next time if I travel with friends or family: renting a whole house located right on the beach! The one above is called the Robinson Beach House and it looked fantastic - a side note: you will lack some privacy.

We took the usual snorkeling tour, and I highly recommend the one that offers a bottom glass boat if you have kids. It was much more entertaining for our young kids who can't really snorkel. They had the chance to touch the starfishes above - it's so stiff, I couldn't believe it!

It looks like we all had a good time, doesn't it?


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