Monday, December 3

MT Tapes Online Shopping directory

Here we are again, talking about MT tapes... I will only stop once I am away on holidays! 

I wonder what is your favorite theme now that I have shared all of them with you (see photo below). And what idea will you be more likely to reproduce at home for a party or for decoration? 

I have written several posts in the past about MT tapes, so you might want to check out the {MT section} of this blog. I have also a very complete board dedicated to MT tapes on Pinterest, you will find tons of ideas on how to use them in your everyday life. Check it out here.

©All photos by EtincelleCreativeSTUDIO

I promised you an online directory to shop for MT tapes from the comfort of your home. There are some truly amazing shops out there with outstanding customer service and I am happy to share these links with you all. If you have personal favorites and recommendation, please share the links in the comment section and I will edit my post later on. 


Omiyage: check out their blog too for loads of DIY with Mts
Tippy Tapey (Etsy)
Mooseart (Etsy)
Pikwahchan (Etsy)
UGUiSU: lovely blog too if you like everything about Japan


I hope to have more shops to add to this list soon, make sure you share your favorite (or your own shop by the way) in the comment section!

To catch up: more photos on the above party sets 


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