Monday, November 12

Paper mobile, Gift Wrapping & Doll


You may wonder, what has Marie been up to these past few days? I had promised the {Interview with} blog post with Ann of Beautiful Revelry last Friday, but it will only happen this coming Friday as I received an urgent custom order on Friday morning. 

So, for one, I have been busy with a cute Mini Me doll for a little girl named Kristina who will celebrate her Gotcha Day (adoption day) in December.

Kristina's doll - get your own doll too! {here}

I also packed a couple of gifts for my family as the Mr. happened to visit them and I couldn't miss this chance to offer some very lovely finds from Japan. Also a lot of my friends have had babies in the past months, and truth be told, I am very late in making my presents. Two will be sent today :-)

 Gift wrapping: use Kraft paper and decorate with doilies, masking tapes, pretty tags & ribbons. 
Et voila!

Last I made a lovely paper cloud mobile for my friend's baby boy - I had made his nursery's inspiration board {check here}. You can find the DIY tutorial on French blog Les Carnets Parisiens - although   it's written in French, there are hips of inspiration, so happily browse this blog! I think I will make some clouds mobile for our home too, maybe with Miss ChloĆ©...

 DIY paper mobile - to hang at your window or elsewhere...

If things go according to plans, look forward to many exciting posts this week: I will share the lamb recipe by Jamie Oliver that I cooked last week as I couldn't find it on his website - too yummy and easy to keep it for myself. Since we are almost in the midst of November, it's time for a My Tokyo Diary post. I will also have a Sweet Gift Thursday post and finally, my {Interview with} Ann of Beautiful Revelry on Friday. 

Stay tuned and have a wonderful week everyone!


Charissa - The Gifted Blog said...

I love the doilies you used to decorate the packages! Super cute.

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