Friday, November 2

My Tokyo Diary {October 2012 - Part II}

Yet another month has passed in a blink of an eye, that brings us closer to Christmas. Now that Halloween is over you will really start seeing a lot of Christmas stuff everywhere, and I couldn't be happier to spend my Christmas in a cold country. It's just so different!

Our month of October was busy, you can catch up with my previous post {Tokyo Diary - October 2012 Part I} just here

#1 I love the few hours that I get to spend with my son alone. He's much easier when not with his sister, and we are enjoying each other's company (at least I do). I bring him outside for lunch, and he had his first haircut in Japan. The salon is right in front of the train track, which makes him so happy!

#2 I have kept myself busy with the MT tape exhibition project in September and part of October. I was happy to mail everything to Singapore this week and I can't wait for the exhibition to start. I wish I could attend myself, but nothing's sure at this time. I have also signed up for a Christmas market held at the end of November and I should participate to a big fair in Paris in January, so I made myself a production schedule to keep up with the work load and meet up with all my goals (left).

#3 Well, we are kind of getting a taste of winter here... Although temperatures are not at their lowest just yet - the minimum we've had was 13 degrees, I am cold everyday at home, and I have caught a cold this week. Maybe it's the wind... I was therefore very happy to receive my parcel from France with all of my winter clothes - unused for the past 6 years {thanks Mum!}. It's fun to get to wear some of my beloved coats and skirts again!

#4 I have been busy with the two schools as well. Halloween events, potato picking, United Nation day event, Festival of Nations event, Family picnic, board meeting... it never stops! And since I'm involved at both schools, it's double workload {I signed up for it, I shouldn't complain now!} 
It's fun though, I am happy to be part of this community.

#5 Some days I have seen life in B&W instead of the usual rainbow colors... It's tough to move an entire family to a new country, no matter your situation. I found that this was our toughest move so far, but maybe it's just me being tired. Must get multi-vitamines ASAP!!

#6 I realize I have many more pics of my son to show this month... He was so cute while sleeping that afternoon. I wondered if he learned to sleep with his two hands under his head at school as I had never witnessed him doing that before. He's thriving at his school, I am so glad he's enjoying it. 
I have bought a transparent box at Muji to keep all of our interesting finds in one place. So far it includes: a dead/ dried lizard, two crab shells, a crab pincer and sea shells.  

#7 We went to Disneyland Tokyo for the first time last Friday. Read my short post about it here. It was fun but quite tiring as well. Next time we will do it differently so everyone can enjoy it to the fullest. Maybe a stay-cation is the best option...

#8 I have been looking around for 2013 calendars, and I found the most original at Tokyu Hands. Wall stickers with animal shapes or polaroid photos for each month. Very very cute, but not what I need unfortunately... I have also ordered a new sewing machine as mine doesn't work here in Japan. The new one is much better of course, and works wonders. I am so happy!

#9 I have started preparing stock for the ned of the year {it's about time}, and especially for the Christmas market. I am making Mini Me dolls in Christmas colors, bunting banners, brooches, DIY kits and more... It's great to be back to sewing! I have saved all my fabric scraps in the past 6 years, which comes handy when I just need a little piece of fabric for such or such detail...

#10 We celebrated Halloween this year - maybe the way it's supposed to be done, with trick or treats and loads of candies and walking in the neighborhood. I was dressed up as a witch, but not a scary one. I enjoyed the whole thing a lot more than in previous years I have to say. I found a lion costume on Craigslist for my son, it was a big hit! My daughter had a little Halloween party at school: the mums in charge came up with lovely cupcakes, handmade bat and ghost biscuits, popcorns in a bag and some candies (top right photo). And we organized a parade at my son's school, so much fun!

How was your month of October? Are you getting ready for Christmas?


Fenny Setiawan said...

I am ready for Christmas, Marie. My most fave holiday season :0. I cant wait how you going to decor your Japan home for this season :)

Marie Maglaque said...

@Fenny: Me too, I am super excited this year, I am planning to really decorate and go into details! I have already bought super cute window/ wall snow crystal stickers, I am stopping myself from putting them up already ;-)

Ruth Happyshop said...

what a wonderful read this post is, as always! (and I can't believe you're keeping a dead/dried lizard!!) Love it that you're soaking it all up all the way there in Tokyo, with warts and all of resettling with the family. You are amazing to have done so well thus far. I'm excited for your holiday work/plans -- ganbatte, my friend!

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