Tuesday, November 27

Expat Christmas Fair in {Tokyo}

Singapore, Tokyo... It looks like I am everywhere all at once! I participated to my first fair here in Tokyo, at my daughter's international school. I was a little bit excited and anxious as I haven't attend any fair since last year and it was in Singapore.

Well, it went pretty well despite the not-so-good weather. I sold almost all the bunting banners I had prepared together with some of the newest items {now available in my Etsy shop}. I also met very interesting people and made new customers, got to hand over my business cards and talk about my other activities (workshops and party planning). It was good to get out of my bubble!

I had the idea to make matching bunting banners to some of the Mini Me dolls, and what a good idea it was: I sold more banners than dolls at the end!

I hope to participate to a Japanese market in March next year, that is a much bigger challenge for me!


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