Monday, October 1

Thoughts on a Monday...


How have you been? We had some kind of busy weekend, but not exactly the type of weekend I like. Kids were a bit difficult and we were both tired so you get the picture... It ended up with a major typhoon over Tokyo that released all the tension {yeah!}. 

Today is warm, bright and sunny so it's a wonderful way to start yet another busy week. I have been thinking a lot lately about very different things, and one that comes to mind this morning is the challenge of making a house a home. We've moved in our new place a few months ago already but there are still so many things I need to do to make this house look good.

The most urgent subject was certainly to change the curtains -> this has been done this weekend, although not in all the rooms. I chose white cotton curtains from IKEA that I shall customize sometime soon. I am quite happy with the result!

Now you have an idea... except that my lounge is much brighter than that!

The next few steps to take will be:

# to start the decoration of our home office now that I have gotten a desk for myself {from IKEA again} as I have given my wooden table to the Mr. I found a pretty desk, all white with shelves AND a magnet board. Pictures to come soon.

# to get a bunk bed for the kids and decorate their room with pretty masking tapes, mobiles and frames.

# to arrange the guest room and make it as pretty as possible

# to decorate the lounge/ living area: we need one or more coffee tables, a rug and alternative lights. The Mr would actually love his very own Eames armchair too. I also have to find out ways to hang painting and frames as we have fussy owners again...

This could actually take me a few more months to complete as I don't want/ like to rush for buying furnitures. Ideally I would love to go thrifting and slowly add pieces as they come.

How do you proceed when decorating a new place? Are you selling all your furnitures when moving and then start from scratch again, or do you prefer to keep them all and adjust to the new layout? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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