Tuesday, October 16

Same Mini Me dolls, new photos!

I worked on a couple new group photos of the Mini Me dolls currently available in my Etsy shop to be submitted for an upcoming project in January 2013. I am both excited and scared to participate, and there is a lot of work laying ahead of me to make it a successful experience. Wish me luck!

The trio: Susan, Amy & Amanda Mini Me dolls. Aren't they cute together?

Yoko and Amanda Mini Me dolls day-dreaming

Yoko and Susan Mini Me dolls hearts details

:: All the Mini Me dolls are currently available here ::

I will soon create new dolls and completely new softies, but I need to purchase a new sewing machine that is compatible with the Japanese electrical system (110V instead of 220V). This is also why I have made several sparkly embroidered brooches in the past two months... my own two hands don't request any electrical power!

Have a nice day ♥


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