Wednesday, October 24

On Russian Fairy Tales

I need new directions, fresh ideas, inspired designs. I have given myself until November 2 to come up with a collection of friends for the Mini Me dolls.

As a fashion designer, I used to draw my inspiration from books, art exhibitions, fashion museums, shows, travels, outings, people from the streets of Paris, art galleries, Les Puces flea market and more...

 Illustrations {left} {right}

Right now, I have very little time to visit (and enjoy) exhibits of all kind, I am not going out much at night (as I collapse most days by 10pm) and as I work from home, well, I am mostly at home.
However I have been living in many countries, and traveled to even more countries, so I have got a bunch of images and feelings stored in my memories. I extensively scour the web for more images, and I am reading a lot of children books to my kids.

I have always preferred reading tales from various countries, and better yet, fairy tales books with gorgeous illustrations. I was an avid reader as a young child, and as I grew up without TV and in the country side, I would pick up my book and go read it in some hidden place in nature. I love the peace and quiet that nature surroundings offer you, it allows for dreams to spring and blossom. 

 Illustrations {left} {middle by Yergeniy Mikhailovich Rachyov} {right by Boris Kalaushin}

I find illustration for children books truly inspiring as they tend to be more colorful, fun and sweet. I pay utter attention to the illustration of a book when making a purchase, as I always describe the images while reading the story to my children. The more details, intricate designs and hidden elements, the more enjoyable the read.
I have set up my choice to Russian fairy tales illustration for this new line of plushes, partly because my Mini Me dolls look a bit like matryoshkas {Russian dolls} and also because Russian illustration have it all: colors, flowers, intricate designs and animals. I am very confident I can come up with something really beautiful if I work hard and dedicate all my energy to it.

Illustrations {left} {right}

I also have to share a very good news with you all: my Japanese sewing machine has arrived today, I can't wait to try it out in the coming days!
It's been three months since I last sew a piece, my fingers are kind of itching...

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Anonymous said...

love this illustrations ! i woud like to print some of them....thanks Andrea

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