Wednesday, October 17

My Tokyo Diary {October 2012 - Part I}

Hello everyone,

How are you doing today? I thought it was a good idea to have My Tokoy Diary  post as we are already in mid October, and I have a lot to share with you!

I am very excited and tired all at once this week. Excited thinking of upcoming projects and collaboration in 2013, and I have completed my project for the Singapore first MT tapes exhibition that will take place next month at the National Library. Tired to run the household all by myself these past three or more weeks. The Mr. has been real busy and we hardly saw him even when he was in town. Hopefully it's all coming to an end this week and a more regular work schedule should follow.

So, without further bla-bla let's have a look at what the first two weeks of the month looked like:

#1 Weather is really getting much cooler over here. We are talking about temperatures above 18 degrees - and gorgeous sunny days, but still, I am feeling COLD! How will I feel when it will snow you wonder...? I didn't grow up under the tropics though. Have 7 years spent in South East Asia erased the previous 25 years spent in one of the coldest areas of France??

#2 Moving to a new country is all about making new friends and starting all over again. Lucky me for having lived here before, I have many good friends whom I have re-connected with. And I have made new friends thanks to the kids schools. Most of them are Japanese and it makes me very happy. There is no better way to blend with a country and its culture than spending time with its folks, right? 
You learn faster and better, believe me.

#3 I'm spending so much time playing with MT tapes, I'm slightly obsessed thinking of what I can do with them. Above are two very simple examples of gift wrapping enhanced with MTs. They are so versatile and easy to use!
With my daughter, we also attended the Hello Sandwich Festival last week, and we were able to meet Ebony and get our signed copy of her latest book. Great inspiration for my 5 year-old.

#4 I have always heard that Singapore is all about great food. Well, I have the same impression here in Tokyo. Not sure how many food joints you can find in Jiyugaoka alone {a trendy suburb of Tokyo}, but there is a ton of things to taste. We've tried a new spot nearby school: home-made fast food pizza in a space as big as what you see on the left photo. Ramen is an all-time favorite, and with colder days ahead, I foresee an even higher consumption of this local comfort food.

#5 We are enjoying Autumn season and spend as much time outside as possible after school. We found new playgrounds, discovered new parks, made new friends. We are looking around at the leaves, the fauna and flora. We start collecting things and I will soon make a trip to Muji to get transparent boxes to keep all these treasures and collectibles :-)

#6 We keep eating and eating... should I say "tasting" the food around us? It's GREAT! 
We see funny things in the sky: loads of helicopters and clouds in stripes! 

#7 We play even more with masking tapes, and use the scraps to decorate things around us - such as my planner, instead of simply throwing them in the bin. I am frustrated to spend my weekends alone with the kids, so I did some shopping. The rug above in a new addition to our home. Too small for the living-room - where I desperately need one, it ended up in our bedroom and actually looks great there (I think). It hasn't got the stamp of approval by the Mr. just yet, but I will convince him...

I am curious. How have you spent your month of October so far?


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