Tuesday, October 9

Hello Sandwich Festival @ Kusakanmuri {Tokyo}

Yesterday I was very pleased to be able to attend the Hello Sandwich Festival held at Kusakanmuri in Tokyo. I have been following Hello Sandwich's blog for a while now, it's a very inspiring place where to wander and get inspiration...

Anyway Hello Sandwich was having a book launch event yesterday with a craft workshop followed by a little party. I wasn't able to attend either the workshop nor the party, but I managed to drop by early and with my little one - who loves crafting!

Chloé posing in front of Kusakanmuri entrance...

And were we in for a treat! Kusakanmuri is located in Ebisu {Tokyo} in a very nice and secluded building - which took us several minutes to discover. There are a flower and book shops and a pretty big and bright space for exhibition and workshops. Hello Sandwich had decorated the space with her creations featured in her book, and it was colorful, whimsical. {It made me feel happy}

Chloé with the author of Fragola blog and talented baker who made the Hello Sandwich biscuit brooches... Other biscuits by Thumb and Cakes.

As I mentioned earlier, we were not in for the workshop, but as there was a free craft station, we took advantage of it. Chloé really enjoyed it, crafting happily under Hello Sandwich' direction. Meanwhile I was discovering the space, her work... and the books. I got my signed copy of Hello Sandwich Japanese Craft Book and Chloé got a sugar decorated biscuit {too cute to eat to my opinion}.

A really beautiful space where to hold parties and workshops!

I would have loved to come later for a drink and mingle with the creative people who attended the workshop. I may only wish that the next one will happen sooner than later and that I will make it! I need to meet and interact with creatives every now and then to keep the creative juices flowing and challenge myself as well. 

Hello Sandwich original creations... you feel inspired straight away!

Paper garlands mostly got my attention, it's what make a party a party. Hello Sandwich uses a lot of fancy and patterned paper for her crafts, pom pom trims, masking tapes and all sorts of ribbons. It sparkles and shines, it's an explosion of colors!

Chloé concentrating and playing with masking tapes...

I am now happily browsing my Hello Sandwich Japanese Craft book, and although it's written in Japanese, it doesn't really matter as you are mostly inspired by the photos, color combos and materials used. As usual in Japanese craft books, the crafts explained in the book are done with pics for every step of the process, which makes it easy to do yourself.

I recommend this book if you like crafts, masking tapes, Japan, Hello Sandwich and paper/ pretty stationery. You will love it!

Now off to continue working on my masking tapes creations for the exhibition... deadline is fast approaching!


Katrina Alana said...

Chloe looks like she's having a blast. I wanted to get the book but I see from the author's blog it's sold out. Hopefully they have it at Kinokuniya.

Marie Maglaque said...

Thanks Kat for your comment! She had a good time, she gets so excited when she sees craft supplies ready for use!

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