Wednesday, October 3

For my kids rooms...

I am in the midst of decorating the kids room & playroom. They used to have their own bedroom in our previous house but I thought it would be nice now for them to share a bedroom and a playroom. I am also hoping that it will encourage them to play together even more often, share their toys and try each other's toys too {my son loves to play with his sister's Barbies when she's not home}.

Here below are three very easy decoration stuff that I am planning to integrate in their room design: 

top to bottom, left to right via my Pinterest board:

1. A shelter for all the little knick knacks that they both collect here and there. I used to dislike these mini-toys that come with every Happy Meals etc... but they are kind of cute now. Ferm Living shelf could be an option but I would rather find something out in an antique shop or a thrift store. I will keep my eyes peeled for this one!

2. I MUST include masking tapes in the decoration: it's quite easy to use and it won't damage the walls. You are also completely free to create whatever comes to your mind. I kind of like the clean, pink geometric lines here.

3. Since I am living in Japan now, paper balloons shouldn't cost so much... and they are so adorable! I might keep them for the playroom, but sure enough these will be mine as soon as I know where to buy them!

My daughter has been asking to sleep in a bunk bed for a very long time and as it was a dream of mine when I was a kid {and I never got one}, I have planned to get one soon that she will share with her brother. Ikea will do the trick once more I guess, although I am not a fan of their bunk beds colors!

Do you involve your children in the decoration of their own space?


Chuzai Living said...

Your blog is very pretty! I feel the French design from you. I ask my kids what they like when I decorate their room and I try to take their options into consideration, but I basically design. I like my girls sleeping in their bunk beds. It's fun!

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