Tuesday, October 30

#FMSphotoaday October challenge {Part 2}

Above is the list of what we had to do this past month - by Fat Mum Slim

 15. Dinnertime - Chopping vegetables and trying to avoid my own fingers

16. Something I wrote - Cut-out letters in paper to celebrate their dad's big achievement and project launch. It should have read "we missed you".

 19. Letters - Business cards I have collected at one of my favorite kids shop in Futako Tamagawa shopping center. Full of adorable goodies, stationery, furnitures and more!

 22. In your town - The main street going down to the train station. Unfortunately these are not cherry blossom trees... still gorgeous though!

23. The view from here - What I see from our 1st floor balcony. Green, green and more green - no wonder all the mosquitos! Quiet and peaceful street. 

 24. Weather - We have an awesome sun on most days (well, not today while I am writing this post). Winter in Japan is cold and sunny. Helpful to keep your best smile on!

29. Moon - Last night's moon. I don't like full moon, I feel more tired than usual.

30. Clothes - I haven't worn stocking for the past 6 years. Can you guess how happy I am to wear my electric blue ones again? And yes, I have kept them for that long.

There is one more day until the end of the month, and if I take any pic, I will definitely show it to you - it will be Halloween related for sure! I haven't been as good following up the schedule the second part of the month, but I enjoyed a lot taking part of this challenge and will continue in November. Don't you think it looks a bit like a diary?


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