Monday, October 29

At Disneyland {Tokyo}


I am back from our little Autumn break as they call it at school - luckily only two days off school for the kids. We have been busy preparing for our Halloween celebration on Wednesday (at school again) and we went to Disneyland Tokyo - the very first time for me and the kids.

I had high expectations, and unfortunately wasn't very impressed by the whole experience. It was crowded, hot and we had to wait minimum 30min for each attraction which honestly isn't fun AT ALL with a toddler. On the other hand, a lot of visitors were dressed up which was very entertaining *big smile*. The parades were also beautiful but a bit too short to my opinion... I feel that Japanese people totally embrace the Disney world!

Cinderella castle, Chloé, 
Ice Cream Cones and Minnie Mouse's dream house

We will most definitely go again in the near future, but I would recommend families to stay overnight at one of the resort hotels if they have young kids in toes... We haven't been to Disney Sea this time around, which was not recommended by our friends - given the age of our kids. We left quite early (before 5pm) but the night was falling and it looked quite magical with all the lights on. We will be more prepared next time I guess and know which attraction to focus on!

What have you been up to this weekend?


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