Sunday, September 23

Introducing the Etsy Japan team...

Hello everyone,

I had no time left to blog last week, and believe me subjects for blogposts are certainly not missing! I have recently joined the Etsy Japan Team and I thought it would really nice to introduce you to some of my already favorite sellers. The team counts 658 members - at time of writing, and everyone living in Japan or with an interest in Japan can join {I know many of you who will be pleased to consider this option}.

So here below are my picks for this week:

A studio based in Tokyo founded by creative collaborators Stephen from CA and Yu Ito from Yokohama. All of their creations are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces made of either wood, paper or ceramics. The duo has already been published on numerous blogs such as Design Sponge, Mocoloco or Grass Roots Modern.

©Photos via Tokyo Craft Studios

Check out their iPhone stand as well, I love its very sleek design and its packaging. I have got to get a pair soon!

Frumafar on Etsy was set up by Mariko to introduce to everyone her's and her friends original custom fabrics. The three textile designers have all worked in NYC, USA before returning home in Japan and continuing their careers. Their textile designs are delicate, fresh and unique and printed on organic cotton, premium quilting weight cotton or linen canvas fabrics. 

©Photos via Frumafar

Hum With Me is the little creative corner of June, a Law/ Fashion Design/ Economics graduate who currently lives in Berlin with her cat, Onion, and her dog, Milo. She draws her inspiration from the Japanese way of life, childhood's daydreams, pastel colors and simple lines. 

©Photos via Hum With Me

Yuki, a mother of one based in Saitama, Japan, is a craft addict for all things related to yarn. She used to have an Etsy shop named the Barefoot Shepherdess where she was selling hand-dyed fibers, yarns and threads. Now she's focusing on embroidery and creates lovely wall art pieces, pincushions, wristwarmers etc... Here below are my favorite picks in her shop; the wall art piece would make an adorable nursery decor.

©Photos via From My Atelier

And cerise sur le gâteau, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my good friend Sandy from The Cookie Cutter in Singapore was part of the team! At the same time, look at her items below and tell me: don't they truly look Japanese?

Sandy creates plushes, paper goods and lifestyle products that celebrate childlike innocence and unrestrained imagination. Happily quirky!

©All photos by Sandy of The Cookie Cutter

I hope you enjoyed this post as much I enjoyed writing it on this rainy day. We've had an absolutely wonderful month of September so far, very little rain and tons of sun. It seems though as if the weather is catching up today: it's been raining non-stop since last night and we are stuck at home!

Have a lovely day wherever you are in the world!


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