Tuesday, July 10

Sparkly Flowers

My current dilemma... trying to squeeze some time to work on new ideas I have had in mind for a few weeks if not months... If you have been following the blog long enough, you know that we've recently relocated to Tokyo from Singapore {see My Tokyo Diary series}, and also that I am currently spending two months in France. 

Although I should consider all this as a long summer break, I can't help but crave for some creative working time in between packing, unpacking, traveling, settling in and looking after the kids among a few other things. What is my problem you may wonder? 

I haven't done as much as expected in the past three weeks - which have flown by fast, but I managed to create four new dolls and completed a net shopper bag. I am currently working on a new project as shown on the picture above: pretty flowers embroidered with sequins and a few beads that will be either brooches or necklaces. I have been considering headbands as well, but I have never done any in the past and I am not too sure of the result.

What do these flowers inspire you? is there anything else I could use them for?


You may be! said...

so pretty~ I'd love to see those on a cool hat ^^-

Erica J said...

I love the idea of putting them on a headband! that would be really cute because it would just lay on your hair so it would be a subtle difference but also a statement you know what i mean? but anyway, i found your blog as one of the top blogs for crafts and diy for the 9th on hello cotton! wasnt sure if you knew or not

#RosyVousConseille said...

I love it!!!

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