Friday, July 20

Au Clair de la Lune...

I love browsing shops selling des antiquités... I found out this lovely Pierrot doll in a small local shop... He's coming from Venise in Italy, and I fell for his beautiful eyes.
And since I am singing ❝Au clair de la lune {almost} everyday to my children, I adopted him!

Thursday, July 12

Un Atelier au Fond du Jardin...

Wouldn't it make a lovely atelier? 
Of course only in summer as winters over here are super cold...

Tuesday, July 10

Sparkly Flowers

My current dilemma... trying to squeeze some time to work on new ideas I have had in mind for a few weeks if not months... If you have been following the blog long enough, you know that we've recently relocated to Tokyo from Singapore {see My Tokyo Diary series}, and also that I am currently spending two months in France. 

Although I should consider all this as a long summer break, I can't help but crave for some creative working time in between packing, unpacking, traveling, settling in and looking after the kids among a few other things. What is my problem you may wonder? 

I haven't done as much as expected in the past three weeks - which have flown by fast, but I managed to create four new dolls and completed a net shopper bag. I am currently working on a new project as shown on the picture above: pretty flowers embroidered with sequins and a few beads that will be either brooches or necklaces. I have been considering headbands as well, but I have never done any in the past and I am not too sure of the result.

What do these flowers inspire you? is there anything else I could use them for?

Saturday, July 7

She makes me happy...

Miss Chloé - June 2012

Tuesday, July 3

On Food & Table Setting

There is something about the food in France that I sometimes - often - really miss: at the top are all the types of cheese, the meat {lamb! rabbit! games!} and the fresh vegetables - from the garden. Oh, and the breads, croissant and yoghurts. And wine. And... 

Fruits are also readily available and so sweet and juicy. For example, right now is the time to pick up the cherries in Switzerland, and the apricots are currently growing on the tree below my window... 

And there is no good meal without a proper table setting - such as the one below...

Above in the plate is a "mendiant d'aubergine" made of goat cheese mixed with pistachio & nuts and rolled into grilled eggplant slices. It is served with a green salad - straight from the garden, and red radish from my Grandma's garden. This is a starter only of course!

What is it that you miss most about your home country, or perhaps your mum's cooking?

Sunday, July 1

Sequins Embroidery

I am currently working on the embroidery for this net shopper bag... hopefully finished tonight. I started it a long time ago but became unsure of my selection of sequins and stopped working on it. Last Friday I decided it was time to finish it as it will be the last design of its kind - the next one will be with flowers again!

Today is the perfect day to do embroidery as it's raining and cold outside...

How is/ was your weekend?

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