Thursday, June 14

Review :: Dar Fatima in Omotesando {Cafe}

Dar Fatima cafe, Tokyo

I have spent a wonderful day today in one of my favorite area in Tokyo... I used to hang out a lot {I really mean A LOT!} in my old days here in a small cafe-creperie called La Fee Delice in Cat street - a narrow lane off Omotesando. That's where I brought my children and we found out a sweet little cafe-shop with a very Moroccan vibe called Dar Fatima. Since lunch was around the corner, my {5-year-old} daughter suggested we should stop here for a short break...

What an excellent idea she had! the menu is very short and simple but completely suitable for my rather fussy kids. They have a drink menu, paninis for main and a few desserts {nothing very Moroccan actually}. I wouldn't say that the food was incredible, but the place was peaceful and there was plenty of space for the kids to play. I had their kefta panini and the kids shared a ham-cheese panini. They were served with chips, but I think a salad would have been more suitable. I ended my meal with an espresso, while Chloe and Mathias shared a cheese cake. Hmm, not the healthiest meal we agree...

The shop has plenty to offer however, including a huge selection of babouches {you know the traditional leather shoes}. And I really love their bags, rugs and key rings! As everyone would expect it, most items are sporting vibrant colors that will enhance any outfit/ home.

In short, Dar Fatima is a lovely place to stop by in the afternoon for a snack, a mint tea and some shopping!

DAR FATIMA :: Shop :: Facebook :: Twitter

Cat street, off Omotesando 
{in the corner of Chanel, and where is now Kiddy Land shop}


#RosyVousConseille said...

A place made for you!

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