Friday, June 8

Party & Bake {Papermash}

The last party I planned was the Mermaid Party {as a party kit} in April, just before moving to Japan. I am not very sure when I will have another opportunity to plan a birthday party but I have recently found an online shop that is a little heaven on earth with a unique range of party goods and other delightful goodies. Did you know Papermash?

I love planning parties which allow for bright colors, and I love paper garlands. I even have a Pinterest board entirely dedicated to garlands. The ones above are just gorgeous, and I can picture them in a bedroom too. I might just order them to compliment my paper window decorations in our playroom...

The honeycombs tissue balls are a great alternative to the popular tissue flowers, which I have used a number of time {including at my own wedding}. Great as a ceiling decoration above a baby cot or kid's bed as well, such as this one.

I love banners that allow you to create your own words, and this kit might just fit the bill. You can use it as many time as you want too, so make sure you store it well once the party is done.

As anyone else, I use doilies to decorate my packaging or write short notes. I also use them when styling parties, but so far I have only used plain white ones easily found at the bakery store. Papermash has in store the prettiest doilies I have ever seen. They come in three different sizes and patterns, and they are a must for tea parties!

No pirate party for my daughter next year! I want something super girly, with paper straws and these floral cups! She said she would like to have a mermaid party after seeing the one I styled, but I am pretty sure that we can workout something, after all it's in a year or so!

Make sure you visit Papermash website as there is much more to discover, and let me know what is your favorite item! Any upcoming party? Summer is about to kick off in the Northern hemisphere, which means picnics, barbecues and so on...

I will make sure to have one more post for this week {My Tokyo diary column} before signing off, but I am already wishing you a HAPPY WEEKEND!

©All photographs by Papermash, used with permission


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