Friday, June 15

My Tokyo Diary {Week 6 and 7}

Woo, you are in for a long read today as I have decided to resume the past two weeks in one post! Yes, I didn't manage to write {Week 6} post last Friday as promised, and this week just flew by, it's mad {...}

So what have we done is the past two weeks? loads of course, but not always worth mentioning it here and there... so when you don't from hear me, it means I am at home with the kids...

{WEEK 6}
Last week we had my friend Shin over with his lovely wife Ai and their dog Wil. We went to a park located in Ota-Ku called Senzokuike and spent a couple of hours together having FUN. My kids love dogs and cats, too bad we can't have one.

 Shin is busy explaining to the kids what to do at the temple. Note that Wil is also listening ;-)

Last Friday we explored our neighborhood a bit further and went to Tamagawa park from our home. It was a lovely ride and the park was interesting. Too bad that the playground was infested with mosquitos and very average too...

On the way...

At Tamagawa Park

It was pouring rain all day long on Saturday, so we were stuck at home most of the day. When we couldn't take it anymore, we were braved, got our rubber boots and rain coats out and went to Shibuya, to the infamous Tokyu Hands. This shop is heaven on earth for everyone, I have never met someone not liking it. We stumbled upon a masking tape mini-workshop at level 2C and Chloe spent one hour decorating an envelop with Mts for 300¥. See what came out below:

Chloe's envelop decorated with MTs

It was too late to sit down and have coffee, but I can't wait to go back to the cafe on the top floor of Tokyu Hands. It was magical, a completely surreal atmosphere - at dawn. Lovely props all over, crazy stuff my dear! See more photos of the car itself{here}.

Ever since we moved in our new house, I have been in charge of the garbage, which is honestly a big headache at first. Japanese are probably the champion of recycling - and now I feel good about it, but it takes time and practice to master this art :-)

I must have some special relationship with my garbage bin now as it decided to pour its content all over my pair of Birkenstock las Sunday NIGHT. Oh shit!
Or was it just something between the bin and the birkens?

Shit that happens to me on Sunday night...

{Week 7}
I have been busy preparing for our upcoming trip to France/ Switzerland. We are leaving on Sunday morning for two months, and without the Mr. What a shame! I am a little bit anxious thinking I will be on my own with the two children for the 13++ hours journey to Europe. Wish me luck...

On Thursday we went to Omotesando, initially to buy some gifts, but the shop being closed, we wandered in the area: we had lunch at Dar Fatima {read my review here}, visited Omotesando Hills shopping mall and ended up the afternoon at Yoyogi Koen. Great afternoon with my kids*!

One entrance of Yoyogi Koen leading to the temple Meiji Jingu

My kids posing. They look cute, but not always... They are probably the noisiest kids in the neighbourhood!

There was an bonsai exhibition by the side of the Meiji Jingu temple. I am not posting all my pics*, but believe me it was beautiful!

We are flying on Sunday morning and I haven't finished packing and cleaning the house {big house = huge house cleaning task}, so I will end this post here and wish you all a wonderful weekend.
I can't believe I will be blogging from France in just two days!

* please follow my Instagram: @etincellestudio if you want to see all my pictures. I might not post much in the coming two months since I will be in France, but who knows, I might as well be able to keep up :-)

NB: This post has been written while drinking an awesome French wine dated 1995, so pardon my language ...


Jahje Ives said...

wow, what an amazing life. I love all the photos, thank you for sharing. Now I have complete washi tape envy too!

Unknown said...


(yea, that's what i took away from this post XD)

Anonymous said...

I like every picture ! I am absolutly in love with japanese masking tape and stamps, so dificult to get here in Argentina !

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