Tuesday, June 5

My Tokyo Diary {Week 4 & 5}

It's been a while... A bit more than two weeks I think. And I have been really busy settling the whole family in our new home!! I promised to share pictures of the empty house in my last post, but didn't have time to write a post before actually moving IN. And then, no internet until yesterday... I thought it would be hard not to have access to the web, but in fact I was too busy for even think of blogging!

I will share some pics of the house {yes, a HOUSE!!} in a short while, but first let's go through the past two weeks - what we have done and seen.

Indulging {a bit too often during the first 4 weeks of our stay in Tokyo} in yet another cappuccino or hot cocoa from Starbucks... Luckily they are none where I am currently living!

The kids have been indulging in many Japanese snacks too ever since we arrived, they are so many available everywhere! Notice that my son urgently needs a haircut. I have no idea where to go and how much to spend for a kid's haircut {¥3,500 anyone?}, I will wait until we are in France...

Things you see in the middle of the afternoon in... Shibuya!!! This is one BIG reason why I LOVE Japan. You are free to dress up the way you want. How wonderful - and fun! It's very liberating...

This was the day we moved in our new home - May 25, 2012. Many boxes to unpack, many belongings to go through and sort out. At the time of writing this post it's all done, and I am so glad!

We are lucky to live in a walking distance to the wonderful neighborhood of Jiyugaoka. Shopping and food haven among other things... And there is this little stationery/ craft shop that I yet have to explore. It reminds me of beloved The Little Happy Shop in Singapore {hi Ruth!}.

Our own neighborhood is nice, green and very clean as anyone would expect in Japan. Every {week} day at 3pm, you can see the little girls coming back from schools in their cute uniforms. My daughter is particularly amazed by the fact that they walk/ commute back home all by themselves!

We have found a playground in a mini-park {called Horai park} not too far from home; not many children there at the time of our visit.... The park is lovely though, it's so relaxing to be among trees and nature.

Here is the front of the house. I love that it's very green with trees partly hiding it. No proper garden but enough outdoor space for the kids to unwind outside under minimum supervision. Unfortunately there are a lot of mosquitos around as well...

The facade is a bit bland, isn't it? I am wondering what could bring a lit bit of joy: perhaps flowers on the balcony, or pretty colorful curtains? Houses here always look very quiet and closed, but I like to open my windows and have a "living" home. Not sure if you see what I mean...

Last Sunday we were pleased to assist to the first matsuri {festival} of our neighborhood. People were carrying the mikoshi {behind my kids} around the streets in a very festive atmosphere. It's quite impressive!

I am less than two weeks away from yet another journey... I am bringing my children to Europe {France and Switzerland} to see my family. It will be a very long summer break this year, and I hope to get a lot of thinking and planning done while I am there and can get some help with the kids. I will continue blogging and sewing, so not too worry :-)

Have a lovely week everyone!


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