Tuesday, May 22

New MT Tapes! {Tokyo shopping}

I am finally able to share some pictures of the MT tapes I bought last weekend in a small shop in Ark Hills. I feel that my collection will increase at a fast pace here in Tokyo! I had never seen this pattern {photo below, on the left hand side} in Singapore, I wonder if it's a special edition...?

I will soon start crafting with them, and embellish my mails {I love writing letters and sending pretty cards - how about you?}. Another thing that I plan to continue since I moved back here is most certainly my stationery collection. There are so many pretty paper and cards in Japan!

Stay tuned!!


Vianna said...

Greetings from Holiday, Florida (yes, there is a little town by this name). I just read that you like writing letters and cards (and maybe using some of those pretty MT tapes in the process - somay I suggest you look into participating in the occasional postcard or letter swaps at http://www.swap-bot.com/
Today I received a postcard from Katrina Alana in Singapore, and while reading some of her blog posts (specifically the one where she attended your bead & sequin embriodery class), I found a link to yours. I enjoyed reading your posts - it was like talking with an old friend. (I have also lived in a few other countries when younger and I relate to A LOT of what you're saying. I speak enough french to be dangerous, traveled extensively throughout Europe and have embroidered a little of this and that, sometimes with beads and sequins too). I'll enjoy coming to visit your blog again, see how the new home decorating is coming along and read about all the exciting things you and your family get to experience in Japan.
Best wishes -♥- Vianna

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