Friday, May 11

My Tokyo Diary {Week 2}


We've been in Tokyo for nearly two weeks, times flies! I have got busier and busier every day this week, visiting one school after the other. It's rather important to figure out which school will best fit the kids, while being in a nice neighborhood and within reasonable distance from work... No easy task, believe me! So not much about pretty things yet, a lot about daily life in Tokyo this week again :-)

Day #1: The sun is back, I spend the morning with the kids at ark Hills nearby. It's Sunday, there are other kids around playing and despite the language barrier, my kids still manage to make friends. It's nice to witness!

Day #2: After a morning dedicated to schools visits, we finally find out where the famous Robot Park playground of Roppongi Hills is. It's rather small, but the slides are a delight and it's sunny most of the day. Delight! We end up our afternoon with a hot chocolate at Starbucks to warm us up and give us the energy to go back home by public transport + walk. No more taxi to the rescue! Kids have been doing well lately, they {almost} don't winge anymore...

Day #3: I am suddenly craving for Japanese food, something warm that will fill me up! It must be the weather {rainy and cold}. I satisfy my crave in Kamiyacho, where I used to work. It's very close to where we currently stay, and I am there every day. It brings back old memories!

Day #4: School visits after school visits... Bento lunch purchased at noon near the office towers in Kamiyacho for 500 yen! The kids are granted a Mc Donald lunch {!} and we head to the local {mini} playground for a picnic. Then another school visit after which we spend the rest of the afternoon at the Children's Castle in Shibuya. Great great indoor playground with plenty of different types of games for all ages. Highly recommended!

Day #5: This is today actually. We are done with school visits but start with house hunting... I always make time to bring the kids to a playground and we walk a lot everyday. The weather is nice and sunny but super windy which is not so convenient. A warm and comfy dinner is in order for today and kids don't fuss to it for once: they enjoy it!

As you may understand, life is a lot about kids and being a full time mum lately, which isn't bad at all. It leaves me completely exhausted at night though which explains the lack of posts here... I hope to be able to discover more fun things in Tokyo and share them with you all. There are tons of cute shops selling completely amazing stuff. If you have been here before, you know what I am talking about. If you haven't yet, then I hope to make you dream about Tokyo!

Talk soon!


#RosyVousConseille said...

de nouvelle ├ętape en nouvelle ├ętape. c'est chouette d'avoir de vos nouvelles.

Vicky said...

I discovered this blog by accident and I'm so glad I did.
I look forward to reading more posts from the blog. I hope your day is a good one.

StarletStarlet said...


I am so jealous that you get to live in Tokyo.

I was in Japan for a year - and I promised myself to come back there for another. So far I haven't fulfill it =)

Doncha just love the food? What's your favorite so far?

The kids seem to be having fun and adjusting well.
Be prepare for the mushi atsui in Japan though, it can be quite intense - more than Singapore.


Marie Maglaque said...

@Rosy: Merci Rosy!

Marie Maglaque said...

@Vicky: welcome here Vicky! I hope to see you often! Regular posting will hopefully be back soon, we've just moved to Japan and it's bait busy with the two kids around 24/7...
Have a lovely week :-)

Marie Maglaque said...

@Scarlet: hehe, when are you coming and visiting me? I have lived in Japan before (having hubby and kids) and I know my way around. I love almost every kind of food here. Even fish for breakfast!

I won't be in Tokyo this summer, but in the country-side of France :-)

Have a good day!

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