Friday, May 4

My Tokyo Diary {Week 1}

Woot! We have almost completed our first week in Tokyo as a family, and oh my, was it challenging at first! Mathias was not feeling well at all, it rained a lot (two entire days) and the kids have been waking up everyday at 5am {with the sun}.... EXHAUSTING!
I am now going to sleep earlier and I am learning to be patient, which is not my strongest point if you know me. I will touch base in the coming weeks with my good old friends here, so it's gonna be a lot more fun! Stay tuned...

Day #1: We are lucky to stay in the center of Tokyo, near Roppongi Hills in a lovely serviced apartment. This {above} is the view from my balcony which, you will agree, isn't that lovely... but it's only for one month so it's fine.

Day #2: I manage to make some time and start a new doll {an order placed at the last minute... I couldn't say no!} while the kids nap in the afternoon. I have almost completed the embroidery, then I will be waiting for my sewing machine to arrive {next week?} to complete it.

Day #3: Oh man, it starts raining! I am getting mad at home with two super excited kids. The photo above was taken in the morning before the rain started... Kids are moody and difficult to manage... I have taken a stroller, no scooters and the little one refuses to walk after a while which means I must carry him. I am glad the weather here is much cooler than in Singapore!

Day #4: Doing painting early in the morning... like 5:30am! Kids have been waking up with the sun ever since we arrived. Japan is the the country of the Rising Sun, right? well, it rises a bit before 5am, you bet I love it!!! I am dead tired by 10pm now...

Day #4 {bis}: Catching up with some much needed French tuitions for Chloe at cafe Doutor... while it's pouring rain outside and while Mathias takes a much needed nap. It rained all day on Thursday, but we did manage to have fun at the end of the day :-)

Day #5: As soon as the rain stops in the afternoon, we get out of the apartment and go to Harajuku, then wander in Omotesando all the way to Shibuya. This photo of Mathias was taken in a little cafe called The Fresh Burger where, well, we had delicious burgers! We also had crepes in Shibuya later on :-)

Day #6: The sun is up and shining early in the morning, finally! the sky is blue, clear and beautiful. We check out the Saturday market at Ark Hills before heading to Yoyogi Park for an afternoon of fun with friends {who live in Singapore but happen to be on holiday in Tokyo}. The kids enjoy the park, the {too many} snacks, they make new friends and manage to communicate despite the language barrier... It's great to be a kid!

How was your week?


punkychewster said...

Wow what a busy week! Glad your family is slowly settling into Tokyo! It's a place that promises great fun and adventure. AND SUSHI!!! enjoy!

Marie Maglaque said...

@punkychewster: Believe it or not: after three weeks here, I still haven't had sushi!! My kids are not tempted, and my hubby is working a lot :-(
I will try this week!

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