Saturday, April 21

Moving to Tokyo! {+ April's newsletter}


I have sent my April's newsletter yesterday {have you subscribed yet?} and made the official announcement of our move to Japan. It will happen next week on Saturday, and yes, it's about time to let you know!

Sneak peek at my latest newsletter...

I have got a little bit busier than expected in the past month and a half, and I kept postponing writing this post... sorry!

We are moving to Tokyo, a city where I have lived before, and I am all excited to be back as you may imagine. I am already planning to visit the places where I used to live and work, and contemplate how much the city have changed.

I will take some sort of break from my busy life as a crafter, and concentrate on helping the little ones to get used to their new environment. I will also be busy looking for schools and our new home, so please excuse my lack of posts in the coming weeks.
I have put my Etsy shop on vacation mode until I can fill it up with new goodies :-). I am not totally off though, expect some pictures from Japan as soon as I get an internet connection there!!!

There will be one more post on Monday {pictures of the mermaid party table set up I created - yeahh!}, and maybe even another one towards the end of next week - in between packing and farewell dinners.
Stay tuned!


Mariella said...

How exciting Marie, I love Japan although I have been to Tokyo only once for a few days. I am sure you'll settle quickly and soon you'll be adding new wonderful memories to your life. Good luck for everything!x

mélia said...

Very good news! je suis contente pour toi Marie, pour ce nouveau chapitre de ta vie à écrire.
(faut qu'on se téléphone)
bisous ma belle

L said...

Thanks for the fantastic embroidery workshop, Marie. Do spread the good work to Tokyo! :)

Jan Halvarson said...

Exciting news! I love Tokyo. Look forward to hearing about you settling in.

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you everyone for your very very sweet comments, it breaks my heart to leave my friends and Singapore, but I am happy to think that I will see my old friends in Tokyo :-)
I will always be here on the blog, on Twitter and Facebook, so happy to be in touch with you!

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